See Hopong Township for today's administrative unit. See Hopong State for the former Shan Princely State. Manganese is a natural product found in Hopong. The city of Hopong is located in the southern part of Shan State. Explore Hopong with the help of your friends.


Taunggyi is the district of the state. The Shan State consists of 54 cities and 193 stations and districts. Taunggyi is the capitol of Shan State. The municipality of Wa (Lwela) is located in Hopang in the eastern part of the Thanlwin River. It' a nature product, and it' found in Hopong. The city of Hopong is located in the south of Shan State.

Near the capitol Shan State. Taunggyi. The town Hopong is about 10 km from Taunggyi and can therefore be reached by road from Taunggyi.


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Ultimate decision on the Hopong residents' case after eight month imprisonment

After the Tatmadaw arrested them in mid-July last year, the case against eight inhabitants of Hopong Municipality in South Shan State will soon end. Her defender Sao Myawaddy said Shan Herald Agency for News that the Hopong Township Court will make the definitive decision on February 21. "We are now at the last decision point.

Sentence will be pronounced on February 21. Under 12 indictments, the court is prepared to pass judgement on eight indictments. An appeal may be lodged against the remainder. Definitive decision will be made at Hopong Township Court. The eight inhabitants have been indicted on twelve counts, among them suspected gun ownership and intrusion into a war area.

For them, extra fees are incurred under the German Imports and Exports Act and telecommunications legislation. You have participated in fewer than ten trials without the tribunal making a decision. Two Tatmadaw infantry battalions (IB-225 and IB-249) detained the eight inhabitants of Nam Hkoke Village on 17 July 2017 for not providing information about the Restoration Council of Shan State/Shan State Army - South (RCSS/SSA-S).

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