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Home-made Myanmar photo

Burma Homemade HD has no feedbacks yet. It is Myanmar's first handmade soap," said Ko Phone Pyaw Zaw. Image of homemade rice noodles drying in the sun in Myanmar stock photo, pictures and stock photos. See stock photo of a Burmese man on a homemade motorboat fishing with nets. Myanmar Supermodels & Model Girls' biggest photo gallery.


Hand-made bar cleaner foams the customer

When you buy your soaps in the grocery store, you may not be feeling so well when you find out what you are scrubbing all over your suntan. The majority of commercial manufactured ledgers contain synthetics, dyes and a whole range of other chemical and toxin substances. Toiletry businessman Ko Phone Pyaw Zaw's firm, Zezawar, produces 1000 pieces of hand-made, natural soaps per hand each other.

Coming home, I resolved to close a niche in the markets by trading in hand-made soaps. "Most of the soaps available here are exported from Thailand. It is Myanmar's first hand made soap," said Ko Phone Pyaw Zaw. The price is high, but we have both existing and new clients who appreciate the value of organically grown food for their health," says Ko Phone Pyaw Zaw.

Zezawar soaps are 99 per cent organically grown. The majority of our clients are hotel companies, and a large order can increase our output to 15,000 ingots per month.

Unwind before bedtime with a homemade bodybar.

"This is a calming bedside table with oatmeal, flakes of fennel, peels of oranges and chili seed peeling with sucrose," he said. Put some hot or cold running hot kettle in a pan with a shallow base and cook. Put the chopped chili seed and chili seed in a bowl (a bricklayer glasses works) and put the chopped egg (standing) in the boiled liquid.

Let the chili pepper steep in boiled lukewarm waters for an hours and then put in the shells. Exclude the chili seed, make the hot tap and let the zest steep for 30 mins. Continue to cook for another 30 min and turn off the oven temperature.

Fill each section of the icecube dish evenly with the mix and leave some space for the slush. Once the jar has cooled sufficiently, the mix of oils is sieved through a cheesecloth (or sieve) into a dish. Add the sieved olive seed to each section of the skins until the olive seed is at the top of the cinnamon-sugar-mix.

Shake each dice to make sure the dough has worked through and place the bowl in the fridge to soften. Firmly remove a dice for use in the showers. Washing your corpse as normal with soaps, washing etc. and rinsing with hot watermel. Allow the homemade chocolate bars to run over the surface of the product and rub in/scrub the sugars if you like.

Afterwards, wash with cool running tap to seal the voids and eliminate surplus oils.

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