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Netherlands nationality

To refer to all persons of this nationality, use the nationality adjective ending in -ese or -ish with a plural verb. Netherlands (also Netherlands), Dutch, Dutch. You can become a Dutch citizen in several ways: automatically at birth, through the recognition of paternity or through the option procedure or naturalisation. A foreigner may apply for Dutch citizenship if they have lived legally in the Netherlands for at least five years. If you apply for naturalisation or option, only apply for Dutch citizenship.

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To apply to all persons of this nationality, use the nationality ajective ending in -ese or -ish with a multiple-interpreter. APPROACH: He loves eating in Japan. Hispanics often drinking vine = Hispanics often drinking vine. Do you know that the Chinaman love firework? Towns can also be converted into adjectives and substantives, although they are very erratic and the nominative shape is not always fixed (there can be several).

Become a Netherlands citizen and become a Netherlands citizen

You can become a citizen of the Netherlands in several ways: when you are born, through the recognition of fatherhood or through the options process or naturalization. Foreigners can claim Netherlands citizenship if they have been living in the Netherlands for at least five years on the law. You have three ways to become a Dutchman:

Automatic (Dutch nationality by childbirth or recognition at childbirth or by recognition of fatherhood. By a brief, simple three-month process. You can only use this feature if you are a member of a specific group specified by legislation. It is known as an options process. When you are not admitted to the options process, you can request naturalization.

The process can take up to one year. Immigration and Citizenship Service (IND) provides more information on the acquisition of the Netherlands citizenship through the options process or naturalization and on the cost of acquiring the Netherlands citizenship. If you are a citizen of the Netherlands, you can travel to the Netherlands at will. Further laws that are only applicable to Netherlands citizens are the right to campaign and be elected in general government and the right to join the military.

Persons of Netherlands nationality can also request a Netherlands citizenship and move around the European Union as well. To learn more about this, go to'What changes when I obtain citizenship in the Netherlands'. Basically you have to give up all other nations. If you are a former national of the Netherlands and some foreigners living in other country, you can request that you recover or obtain your Netherlands nationality.

IND booklet How can you get back your Netherlands nationality? The Netherlands' nationality policy (pdf, 261 kB) describes what former Netherlands citizens need to do to recover their nationality.

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