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Which holidays are celebrated in Myanmar? Explore the Irrawaddy River, the sunrise over the temples of Bagan, Mandalay & Yangon. Which holidays are recognized in Myanmar? Come join the locals and celebrate with Inside Burma Tours at the countless fun festivals all over Burma (Myanmar). Cycling to the highlights of Burma (Myanmar).

Burma Public Holiday. Myanmar (Burma) 2018 & 2019 Excursions & Vacations

Do you need help or counseling, or just want to talk about your next journey, just give us a call. Avoid £200 on your journey to Myanmar in October 2018. Discover Myanmar in amazing diversity and profundity! Photo tours through Burma: Do you need help or counseling, or just want to talk about your next journey, just give us a call.

Dare further and further into an unexplored Myanmar. Anything can be set and gives you the flexibility to create a one-of-a-kind and personalized journey for your desired date. Improve your accommodations for all - or just part of your journey, decelerate the speed with a few additional overnight stays here and there or even throw in a few more exciting adventure.

Extensive sightseeing tours to Burma's best places and handicrafts. A short guide to Burma's best places of interest. Burma's high points as well as the departure from the well-trodden paths.

Burma Luxury - Myanmar Vacation

In spite of years of isolating themselves and dictatorship, the Myanmar population has maintained a meekness and charms that many countries should mimic. Journey with like-minded individuals on our expertly guided group trip. Burma's present holiday season has pushed the facilities to the brink and we cannot emphasize enough how important it is to book in time.

There are few and the good ones are even rarer - so if convenience is important, talk to us a year before you want to go on vacation to Burma. When you arrive in Myanmar, you may be amazed to find tasty meals and good accommodation in many places.

We' ve never encountered anyone who hasn't come back from their Myanmar vacation with the best experiences. The first Myanmar vacation Paul has taken in many years - he first traveled to Myanmar twenty years ago and recently went on a Burmese one. While Joe's specialty is Myanmar's cultural and historical heritage, his true passion is hiking and biking in Shan State - an prolongation of your Myanmar vacation.

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