Holidaying in Thailand Guide

Thailand Holidays travel guide

The elephant is one of the biggest attractions for families on holiday in Thailand. Bangladesh is a cheap country to live and travel in. Custom holidays in Thailand from UK-based Thai experts. Discover what you need to pack for Thailand: Spend a great holiday in Thailand without spending a lot of money!

Travelling Fundamentals

It has a long tradition of tourist activities, so it offers a wide range of facilities, guided and touring. The majority of Thai people in the West are already acquainted with Thai cuisine and it is helpful that many local people are able to communicate in simple English. However, when you come you will still experience a cultural shocks - just like when I first landed in Bangkok last year.

There are a few things you can do to make your first few get-togethers as simple and pleasant as possible, from learning the currency to respect for each other. UK nationals can travel to Thailand for 30 consecutive nights without a valid visas, so you will get your passports validated at the time of clearance.

It is denominated in either Baht (THB or b). As of the date of the letter (January 2017), £1 is about 45THB. In general, malaria is not a hazard in Thailand (except in very isolated areas), but you should still try not to get stung by mosquitoes. The majority of Thailand socket outlets have either round, two-pole connectors (European type) or shallow, two-pole connectors (North America type).

Three-pole connectors do not work in Thailand, so buy an adaptor before your departure to ensure that you can recharge your telephone, Kindle and other electrical devices as soon as you are there. Thailand's marine life is a captivating place to explore whenever you get the impulse to be a great part of your journey.

Thailand is a country where the year round is different according to where you go. Thailand is full of places of interest, and although it is enticing to pack everything, I find it much more pleasant to prefer two or three main them. If you are planning your first trip, a short trip can involve Bangkok and/or Chiang Mai, a natural reserve like Khao Sok and a sandy area or an islet like Ko Samui or Phuket.

Negotiating is part of Thai tradition, and the stable owners are expecting you to bargain. The Chiang Mai Night Bazaar and the Chatuchak Weekend Market in Bangkok are two of Thailand's best gift malls. Friendly and hospitable people are embedded in Thai civilization - smiling, laughing and humor go a long way here.

While most Thais are friendly and sincere, like everywhere else in the whole wide globe, you can't rely on everyone. When you first come here, I'm sure you'll like it as much as I do.

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