Holiday Resorts in Myanmar

Resorts in Myanmar

Golf Hotels & Resorts in Myanmar. We' ve selected the best hotels in Myanmar for your Burma golf vacation. Availability and good prices for holidays in Ngapali, Myanmar. The Infinity pool reflects breathtaking sunsets. The Hkakabo Razi ski resort guide, weather and snow reports, Hkakabo Razi piste data, Hkakabo Razi maps and links to Skichalet holiday offers in Hkakabo Razi.

Planning your holiday in Myanmar

Less is more, which means that none of our properties have more than 50 rooms. We believe these exquisite properties provide a much more personal approach that allows you as a visitor to really dive into Myanmar. Reserve a room in one of our well-chosen hotel rooms today.

The Beach Resort is a 4* fashion store on Ngapali Beach in Myanmar. There are 45 luxurious bungalow and rooms inclusive of..... Savoy is a luxurious Yangon based shop-style, family-run rural resort dedicated to a very personal touch. The Savoy has 3 diners and an astonishing restaurant.....

This is a real fashion store located in the centre of Mandalay. The Red Canal is a very unique building with only 25 rooms, offering our clients an exclusive, genuine..... The Mrauk U Princess Resort is a gate to the old Kingdoms of Arakan in Myanmar. The Shwe Yee Pwint in Bagan is an absolute charming resort that provides very good client services and outstanding amenities.

Jasmine Holiday | Ngapali Beach

Myanmar's main location, Ngapali Beaches, is a favourite addition to a tailor-made Myanmar itinerary for a few relaxing nights. Arrived with the internal flights, Ngapali provides a long distance with gold sands, back with staggering palm trees and with easy seaside resorts. It has an old seaside resorts atmosphere that is little affected by the evolution of a bigger one.

Luxurious Ngapali Beaches luxury retail complex with privately owned homes in Burma and Europe. A tranquil Ngapali Beaches fashion centre with only 29 large wood cottages. In Ngapali Beaches, Amata is an ideal choice for a tranquil and relaxed browse after a trip through Burma.

Myanmar Holidays | Luxury Holidays in Myanmar

And, on a vacation in Burma with Yonder, you'll find picturesque shores and archipelagos that even some of the most committed travelers don't know you have. Our journey through Myanmar took us up the tight stairs of the Bagan Temple to capture the setting solar radiation over the old towers and the powerful Irrawaddy Rímw.

We have been trailblazers (or very willing rabbits, as you can see) for some extraordinary new properties in Myanmar. While the superlatives of West European deluxe accommodation for your vacation in Myanmar are scarce, you will find a wealth of unforgettable adventures. We have travelled extensively on our Burma trips to find dignified nominees if you want to discover Myanmar's up-and-coming fashion chain world.

It is these Myanmar hostel experiences that make Burma a real Yondé area. There' still a feeling for the ancient Orient about a Myanmar trip. It is the definitive Myanmar icon and an obligatory stopover on any route. By 2015, Myanmar was the first country to elect its democratic rule in over half a centurys time.

Get ready for your Burma holiday with Yonder on shimmering goldenagodas, swimming towns, cavern temple, the world's largest novel, saffron friars and untouched virgin sanded beaches with shaky palm trees that would embarrass the most stereotyped booklet. Holidays in Myanmar are a real hottie.

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