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Vacation in Burma

Sharpie: Actually I preferred Yangon - especially the Shwedagon Pagoda at sunset. Cait: Being on the beach! Bring the family on a truly epic adventure through Burma. Trekking; Trekking holidays;

Trekking; Trekking in small groups; Hiking; Holidays. You will find gems on every corner of your holiday in Burma.

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Cait: I used to love Ngapali. Sharpie: Actually I prefered Yangon - especially the Shwedagon Pagoda at sundown. Cait: Being on the shore! According to the daytime the weather was so beautifully hot. It was my favorite thing to just sit on the sands and record everything. One of my favorite adventures was angling on a Ngapali river canoe.

We were astonished that the man who took us had made nothing but waters and line rod; we were surprised that we fished with them! There was a contest to see who could capture the most of our catches - in the end we had about 15, but Cait didn't have one.

We called our guide'Smiley' because she was smiling every single times we saw her. Actually, everyone seemed really lucky in Burma. CHARLIE: Yes, it always gave me a really hot, blurry sensation when that happens. Charli: And the shuttles were an old military car, with wall paintings on the side!

Can I have a drink? There are bicycles for hire to discover Ngapali. There were even those who cycled through the flat waters and rode buffaloes on the beaches. So what was the most interesting thing you found out about Burma (Myanmar)? Canit and Charli: The pasta that the native Myanmarese apply to their faces is named Tanaka - it comes from a rind that they then crush with ground down waters to use as an anti-stun.

We' ve also learnt that almost the entire Burmese community is Buddhist. Have you learnt Burmese? Mingalaba! Have you got any advices for other persons who are on a vacation in Burma (Myanmar)? Cait: Instead, choose a few things that may take a little longer and invest more in them.

Carli: Please take your own hat, sun cream, toilet articles and insect repellent - and additional sun glasses in case you loose yours! You plan a vacation with your whole host Family? This is the perfect adventure for your whole Myanmarse. Starting at 2,100 for 13 overnight stays (excluding domestic flights), it contains Yangon, Ngapali, Bagan, Inle Lake and Mandalay.

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