Holiday in Burma

Vacation in Burma

Walk through the temples of Bagan, take a boat trip on Lake Inle and join the pilgrims at a shrine. I was there as long as it was somewhere refreshingly different from last holidays. Burma is one of the most beautiful and untouched countries in Asia. This golden rock pagoda, rocking terribly on a ledge, is worth a visit during your holiday in Burma. Experience a bizarre snakewashing ritual and get an insight into life in rural Myanmar with this guided day trip to Paleik.

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3 round pens, 3 round pens, 3 round pens. "Entrance requires a visitor's permit. It is also your responsibility to notify CIBT of any changes or cancellation. All public and private vacations require a UK citizenship card which must be in force at least 6 month after the scheduled date of return".

Family-holidays in Burma for youth

Myanmar is full of adventures that will really make your kids smile about what they discover every single workingday. Their personal leader is hand-picked and knows how to deal with kids so they will undoubtedly get their Myanmar name ( "the precise weekday " they were born) and learn more about what Burma is about than a schedule of data that gives them the feeling of being back at camp.

After a cozy breakfasts the next morning we go to the market of Rangoon where you can see the locals in all their colours. Disregard the museum, because you will enjoy the attractions and noises of the city' s greengrocery, fruits and steel market as you stroll through it. They say it resembles the elephant that has a cure, and they totally like it.

The next stop is Inle Lake and you can get there by going to Pindaya to see the astonishing caverns full of innumerable gold Buddhas. You will pass through Danu tribes communities, farmhouses and green landscapes. Pause at your accommodation to see how they make cheroot or explore the village's farm.

Next morning you will take your own yacht to discover this area. Cross swimming pools before you visit community living in lakeside pile dwellings. After lunch, bike around the Inle lake, discover the towns and meet the population. Take a flight to Mandalay and in the afternoons drive to the village of Åva, where you can bike through the village and see some of the ancient remains that were once the mediaeval capitol of Burma.

Complete the U Bein Bridging, the longest wooden deck in the worid, where you can take a personal sunset canoe out. Afterwards we will go to a café for coffee and coffee. Get on your own personal ferry and drive down the Irrawaddy to reach the little frequented Yandabo town.

It is a real eye-catcher off the well-trodden paths, when you see the locals living in peace and quiet. You will be picked up by your own personal ferry and taken to Bagan. A while later at the swimming pools (Yandabo has no pool) we go to the sundown at one of the temple with a view of Bagan. Next morning you' ll go to the village fair before cycling around the area.

Also we think that the kids will like to attend the Gu Kyaung Monastery School, where many Buddhistic orphans live, some as young as 6 or 7 years old. We' ll take a cruise with native fishers who snorkel a bit. Situated in the very centre of the Yangon embassy district, Belmond Governor's Residence, an exquisite 20s villa in tea-tree style is ideally placed to discover all the city' s rich culture, which includes the Shwedagon Lagoon and the vibrant Bogyoke Market.

Every room has a magnificent view of the Shan Hill and the chalet is an ideal starting point to discover the area. The Sanctum Inle Resort is situated on the east shore of Lakes Inle in Myanmar. There is a luxury minimalistic look with a main patio, monastery arcades and overlooks.

The Yandabo Home is a luxurious luxury resort with views of the Irrawaddy River, halfway between Mandalay and Bagan. It has only 12 rooms and provides the best chance to discover this unexplored area. Situated near the archeological capital of Bagan in Burma, Bagan Lodge has 85 rooms and suite, making it a great starting point for exploring the many churches, couples and stupas around the city.

Burma's best period for a trip is the drought from November to April.

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