Hmawbi Township Map

Township Hmawbi Map

The Hmawbi Township is a township in the Yangon region of Burma (Myanmar). " Hmawbi Township, Yangon Division" card ID: Township Hmawbi (Myanmar) with population statistics, maps, map and location. The Hmawbi Township feels far away from Yangon. Sat picture of Hmawbi, Burma and surroundings.

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The Hmawbi Township is a township in the Yangon region of Burma (Myanmar). It' situated north-west of the Yangon area. Hmawbi is the main village and administration centre. Hmawbi International is in Indan (Inntan), four kilometers north-east of the Hmawbi area.

Hliang River is the westerly boundary of Hmawbi municipality: Taikky Township in the N; Hlegu Township in the E; Mingaladon Township in the S. E.; Htantabin Township in the S. W., W. and N. W..

Hmawbi, Republic of the Union of Myanmar

are latitude and latitude coordinates: 17.136160, 96.009705. The Hmawbi is a large community in the Republic of Myanmar. It' a part of the Yangon metropolis and a city of more than 35,000 inhabitants. First and foremost, it is a large city of industry with several large facilities and large areas of industry.

Hmawbi, Republic of the Union of Myanmar, has a degree of latitude of 17.136160 and a degree of latitude of 96.009705. Hmawbi, Republic of the Union of Myanmar is in Myanmar (Burma) land in the cities location class with the recordinates of 17 8' 10.1760'' North and 96° 0' 34.9380'' E. Hmawbi, Republic of the Union of Myanmar is 19 metres high, which corresponds to 62 foot.

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