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People of Hmawbi in the darkness above the new town

The Hmawbi Townhip is far away from Yangon. The highest building are two six-storey spires next to the Hmawbi Myot Ma supermarket, which tower above the one-storey Hmawbi, the capital. It is a poverty-stricken community, with little employment and low property costs, the inhabitants said. "Although Hmawbi is an ancient city, it is far from Yangon and undeveloped.

Hmawbi University of Technology has many college graduates, but does not provide jobs for its inhabitants like a prosperous industry zone," said U Sein Aye. Yangon Mayor U Hla Myint unveiled an aggressive plan in June to extend the town at an estimate of K8,178 trillion (US$6.4 billion).

It has been designed by the Japan International Cooperation Agency and the Yangon City Development Committee. Northeast Yangon, Southwest Yangon, Dala and Htantabin Townships, Hmawbi Townships and Hlegu Townships, and are built alternately. Around 11,594 hectares are to be opened up in Hmawbi for up to 400,000 population.

According to the 2014 Population Quensus, the Township currently has 244,279 inhabitants. When it' moved, it'll change the township. It' all right. However, when the Myanmar Times went to Hmawbi at the beginning of this months, most of the villagers said they were not aware or unsure of the project's detail and whereabouts.

Immobilization specialists said the insecurity could avoid that the site costs in the region rise too high. In Yangon, there is widespread pressure on speculative pricing, especially in the areas designated for rural areas. Until now Hmawbi has been largely abandoned, they said. "There are no realtors in the city. The Hmawbi housing markets, as always, are free of speculators' eyes," said Maw.

Other people said that since the publication of the new map, it has been the speculators' ordeal. Moreover, property speculations have been restrained since the beginning of the year and are likely to stay calm until after the election, as there is a danger that the next administration will change its growth targets.

Over the last few years, large areas of Hmawbi have been broken down into smaller areas, as the population of the citieship is growing and the number of small and medium-sized enterprises is increasing. "Because Hmawbi is far away from the town, small and medium-sized enterprises such as clothing manufacturers and gas stations can thrive, and the inhabitants have shared and resold their large properties," said Daw Khin Swe of Pyay Road in Hmawbi Town.

Much of the area is classed as a gardening area, but some lots are allowed in the center of Hmawbi. Homes cannot be constructed on horticultural lands in a legal way. Consequently, the cost of lands in the middle of the city is much higher than the yard country beyond, realtors said.

Gardens sold for about K50 million per acres, but permission country can go for as much as U Khin Maung Aye said to the Shwe Kan Myae property broker. "It is a big deal, but it's very hard to turn horticultural country into licensing country," he said.

In Hmawbi, rates have been relatively high for several years because the community has power, good streets and clear waters, the inhabitants said. "Buyers are selling their lands at the cost they want.

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