Kyaikhmaw Yele Pagode ( ?????

?????????????????????????????) is a Buddhist pagoda in Kyauktan Township, Yangon region, on a small island in Hmaw Wun Creek,  This community is located in Hmaw Bi Village, Myanmar Ayeyarwaddy Delta region.

The Hmaw Yaw Gyi elephant attracts tens of thousand of visitors.

More than 4,000 domestic and international guests have attended the Hmaw Yaw Gyi Elephants Camping in the township of Kyauktaga in the Bago region over the last 10 month. Located one kilometer from 105/4 Milepost on the Bago Region motorway. Elephants Tourist Camping was opened on World Elephants Day, August 12, 2016.

Myanmar's elephants reserve is one of its most visited places. The Bago region is home to four large wildlife sanctuaries, among them Kyein Ni, Khayu Chaung, Thingan Myaung and Hmaw Yaw Gyi shelters. The Hmaw Yaw Gyi was selected as a travel target among the four elephants' refugee centres and opened to the public.

The Hmaw Yaw Gyi is home to 25 Elefants. Hmaw Yaw Gyi is visited by about 90 persons on an ordinary bank holidays. International visitors pay 20,000 Ks each for entry fee and elefant rides at the Hmaw Yaw Gyi elefant camps.

The area is Kyauktan, this is Kyaik Hmaw Wun Ye Lai Pagode, Ye Le Pagode or the islandpagoda - review of Kyauktan, Yangon (Rangoon), Myanmar

Beside the Kyaik Khauk Pagoda the Kyaik Hmaw Wun Ye Lai Pagoda is the main feature of the Thanlyin, Kyauktan. On arrival in the traffic area a Wassertaxi ticketed car will be bought (US$5,00 for two aliens and tour guides). Also, the boat taxis permitted us to keep our boots in the cab instead of carrying them around the isle.

It was occupied by hikers and some tourist, but mostly humans were there to pray. There was US$2 for foreigner, access to tapas, but we didn't see any restrooms (they could have been there). This is a beautiful place, but the return trip by ferry, mostly with locals, makes the trip one-of-a-kind.

It' a sanctuary in the flow. You' ll have to take a ferry to get there, but the ferry ride takes only 5 mins. Feeding fishs on the pod. A great place, I really enjoy the ambience of taking a small ferry to an islet where the pit stop is in the centre of the city!

Indigenous peoples who make merits, show the Buddha regard, wear old-fashioned clothing, with thanakas on their faces, look amazing! They say that the sanctuary floats in the centre of the stream, but it is on a small islet in the centre of the stream.

You have to take a ferry from the mainland to the isle. For security reasons, it is said that a alien must also take a larger vessel:-) while the local people take the smaller one. A little kid takes your boots or clogs on the ship and puts them aside, because you have to be barefooted when you enter the zigzag.

The carp can be fed with paddy beads in the fish shed. On one end you can also find a piece of granite that you wear after praying and asking for intention, like a college boy who asks if he will succeed in or not. He will wear the granite, if it is lightweight, he will withstand it.

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