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Sat picture of Hlegu, Burma and surroundings. The Myanmar Times: Hlegu attracts speculation The realtors say that the area is a hot spot for housing prices for gamblers with their eye on Hlegu Town Ship. While the Yangon housing markets have been lazy in recent years, the speculator make an exemption from Helgu, said Daw Thuzar May, manager of Thit Sar-Realtor.

Realtors pointed out that Helgu is the electoral district of Chief Minister Phyo Min Thein of the Yangon region and also one of the areas identified as a priority in the Yangon 2040 MPL. Japan International Cooperation Agency plans to release a revised Yangon 2040 mastersplan by the end of this year.

However, the initial project envisaged Hlegu as the site for one of several "new urban projects". The Hlegu price of agricultural lands has risen between CZK 1 million and CZK 2 million per hectare since the beginning of this year, after the German authorities made even greater leaps last year, when they first discussed the new town maps in plenary.

Back in previous years, property around K3 million was an acres in the community, with little distinction in cost between landforms, said U Aung Min, manager of Myat Min property broker. Now, Hlegu parish license is now being oversold for over K15 million an acres, subject to the position, he said.

Gartenland is selling for over 10 million K and arable farm lands for 10 million K, he added. Supported lands can be used for any legitimate purposes, horticultural lands can be used for a number of farms but are not transferrable, and arable lands can only be used for rice cultivation.

In the past, building traders have concentrated on the often false perception that priority will be given to these areas to be given to projects and infrastructures. House purchase rates in the Kawhmu countryside community in Daw Aung San Suu Kyi's electoral district rose following her party's victory in the November 2016 poll.

Vacant inner-city urban areas are usually more populous because the prices are lower, and those in the electoral districts of leaders are particularly populous, said Daw Thuzar May. Aung Aung Min said Helgu remained the most beloved of the seven cities mentioned in the 2040-plans.

The Hlegu Town Hall awards are at their highest level near Hmawbi and Front Dagon Townhips, where the new urban development is scheduled, he said.

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