The Hlegu (township, Myanmar) with population statistics, maps, map and location. The real estate agents say that speculators with their eyes on Hlegu Township turn the area into a property price hotspot. Forecast for the weather in Hlegu, Yangon (Myanmar). This forecast shows the local time for Hlegu. Receive the Hlegu weather forecast.

Hlegu Municipality Highlights - Intergovernmental Conference

The Hlegu Voivodeship in Myanmar is 45 km north east of Yangon. It' a rustic community in the Yangon region. In spite of its closeness to the Yangon town, it has not yet benefited significantly or directly from the growing urbanisation in the country's population. Yangon is bordered by Yangon and the Yangon Town Development Committee (YCDC), although it is managed independently with its own administration and development affairs organization (DAO).

It is the outcome of a straightforward question by NLD MP U Phyo Min Thein, who was voted by Hlegu County to the Pyithu Huttaw in the 2012 bi-elections and to the Yangon Regional Hluttaw in the November 2015 elections. On the basis of several interviews with the contracting authority (February 2015 and July 2015), the aim of the Hlegu Town Hall is to carry out research and to give information and advice on urbanisation, YCDC relationships, reducing poverty and the roles that parliamentarians can have in fostering and co-ordinating rural areas.

Provisional research indicates that the municipality of Hlegu is very rustic and most of the revenue comes from small and medium-sized farming. There are few, if any, large indigenous industry in the township that rely instead on those who are near its borders but in other cities. In addition, in recent years Hlegu has taken on a large number of migrants who want to take advantage of the lower cost of living while working in the Yangon area.

If Hleguownship were to be involved in such an extension, its integration into the Yangon region could lead to significant and fast urbanization, and a relocation of the township towards a stronger city structure would have an effect on the income and business activity of municipal budgets. The survey is being conducted jointly by the International Growth Centre and the Myanmar Development Resource Institute Centre for Economic and Social Development, with possible assistance from the Asia Foundation (TBC), with the aim of providing a concise and user-friendly solution for the customer.

The research will concentrate on devising a high-level assessment[1] of the state of the Hlegu township's economy and analysing the business challenge facing the inhabitants of Hlegu as well as the business questions that should be tackled and guiding the customer towards efficient and clear support for the urbanisation of Hlegu.

In Hlegu Civic Centre there will be an interview with DAO and V.T.O. administration officers, as well as members of regional civic organisations and trade organisations. He will also interview YCDC and other organisations that can provide insight into Yangon and Hlegu's metropolitan environment and economy (e.g. the European Union and Michigan State University).

1 ] NL - Extensive and up-to-date business information sometimes remain difficult to collect in Myanmar. Hlegu's General Administration and DAO are used for collecting information.

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