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The Hlaingbwe is a town in Kayin State in southeast Myanmar. The Hlaingbwe (township, Myanmar) with population statistics, maps, map and location. Hlaingbwe Town residents are still fighting the floods that flooded central Karen State last month. Receive the Hlaingbwe weather forecast. The Hlaingbwe Township is a township of Hpa-an District in Kayin State of Myanmar.

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The majority of the inhabitants belong to the Karen Ethics Group. Situated on the Hlaingbwe River, which flows through the city from the north to the southwest. Retracted 2009-04-10.: This Kayin State site item is a stump.

Hpa an Situation Update: Paingkyon Township, Hlaingbwe Township and Nabu Township, November 2016 to October 2017 - Myanmar

The situation update covers the situation in Paingkyon Township, Hlaingbwe Township and Nabu Township, Hpa-an District between November 2016 and October 2017, which includes developing activities, civilian activities, seizure of property and deforestation and taxpay. Hlaingbwe Municipality Manager and Paingkyon City Manager carried out a telecommunications networking operation together with Telenor.

Within the scope of the projekt, about four foot of ground were excavated to build a canal between each other. Fights between the Karen Buddhist Army (DKBA) and the Border Guard Force (BGF) in Hlaingbwe Municipality erupted in mid-September 2016. As a result, the people of the community began to be driven out of their communities because they did not felt secure returning to their areas, because there were DKBA splintered mines there.

The Karen National Union/Karen National Liberation Army - Peace Council (KNU/KNLA-PC) battle ion #776 troops under the command of Commander Hpah Htaw carried out the deforestation in P'Ta Hkee Mountain near E--- Town, F--- Town, G--- Town, which is in May Loh Baw Town Trakt, Nabu Township. In the municipality of Ta Kreh[Paingkyon] further breaches of the law are being perpetrated.

The heads of state of the Burma/Myanmar administration have authorized the Lu Pleh Municipality Council and the Ta Kreh Municipality Council to work with the Telenor Company on this telecommunications operation in H---Dorf, Peh Kru Province, Ta Kreh Municipality. They' ve begun to install the electric lines by excavating earth and building a canal from Lu Pleh[Hlaingbwe] to Kawkareik City.

Building was started by I--- Dorf, Plah Saw Dorf Trakt, J--- Dorf, K--- Dorf in K'soe Dorf Trakt, L--- in Ta Kreh Dorf Trakt, M---, N---, and O--- Dörfer in Peh Kru Dorf Trakt, P-- - Kye Too Ray Ville kt, Q--- Htee Poe Tray Ville, R--- Paw Yay Poo Ville, S--- Paw Yay Ville, and T---, U---, V---, W--- and X--- Taw Soe Ville, Ta Kreh Gemeinde.

It has been running since early December 2016 and was finalised at the end of January 2017, but the operation could possibly be resumed in the township of Ta Kreh. The Burma/Myanmar administration and a Telenor[Company] executive worked together in T'nay Hsah[Nabu] township to excavate land off the highway that was damaging the villagers' arable land, verandas and acres.

Crashes occurred in mid-September 2016 between the Karen Buddhist Democratic Armies[DKBA-Splitter][3] and the Border Troops[BGF][4] in the community of Lu Pleh[Hlaing Bwe]. People did not think they were going back to their communities because the DKBA (splinters) had placed land mines in their areas. Following January 15, 2017, four[soldiers] in the DKBA Fragmentation Group, headed by Hpa Ta Kee, were patrolling around the Kaw Ka Ti Armed Forces encampment near the Moe Pyan[Tatmadaw] outpost.

Meanwhile, KNU/KNLA Battalion #21 and the KNU community of Lu Pleh supervised the woods and happened to meet the DKBA (splinter group). DKBA (splinter group) began shooting at CNLA troops, but they withdrew without shooting back. Knu/Cnla, BGF and Tatmadaw are all on high level alarm in the township Lu Pleh. rd 2017 at 9:00 o'clock, another assault took place in Z--- Dorf, Meh Prow Dorftrakt, but the locals were no longer residing in the hamlet at that point; they had already been moving to Hkaw Taw Poo[also known as Myaing Gyi Ngu] Dorf[because of the fighting situation] since October 2016.

BGF battalions participating in the Meh Prow Battalions assault are Battalions #1012, #1014,[6] #1016[7] and #1020, and Tatmadaw Division #22, Military Operations Command[MOC][8] #12, Light Infantry Battalion[LIB][9] #338 and LIB #339. Border Guard Force[BGF] #1015, under the leadership of Commander Dee Ter Ler, seized the villagers' lands in Yay Pu Kyi Dorf, Yay Pu Kyi Dorfteil, Paingkyon Gemeinde on October 5, 2017.

At T'Nay Hsah[Nabu] Township, Peace Council[KNU/KNLA-PC][10] Commander Hpah Htaw und seine Soldaten haben in P'Ta Hkee Mountain nahe E--- village, F--- village, G--- village which are located in May Loh Baw village. They are earning [additional] revenue from deforestation[near the village], in violation of common practice of use.

3 ] The Democratic Karen Buddhist Army (DKBA) was newly founded on January 16, 2016 as a faction of the Democratic Karen Merciful Army (2010 - today) and is also known as Na Ma Kya ("Pigeon's Ear"). When Tatmadaw and DKBA Benevolent fought in 2015, there were disagreements within DKBA Benevolent which led to the dismissal of some commander in July 2015.

In January 2016, these former leaders made a declaration in which they declared the creation of a new faction. The organization described the creation of this group as the resurrection of the initial Democratic Karen Buddhist Army, which was founded in 1994 until it was dissolved into the BGF and the still operating DKBA Benevolent in 2010.

The other subcommanders in the DKBA Buddhist faction are San Aung and the deceased Kyaw Moha Na Ma Kya (allegedly murdered on August 26, 2016). It is headquartered in Myaing Gyi Ngu, in the municipality of Bwe, Karen. The DKBA Buddhist (2016 - today) should not be mistaken for the DKBA Benevolent (2010 - today), from which he left in January 2016, or the initial DKBA (1994 - 2010), which was dissolved into the BGF and the DKBA Benevolent in 2010.

It is important that the DKBA Buddhist has not yet sign the temporary or national cease-fire with the Myanmar administration, while the DKBA Benevolent has both. 4 ] The Tatmadaw Border Guard Force (BGF) Bataillons were formed in 2010 and consist primarily of former non-state troops, such as older DKBA configurations, who have formalized cease-fire deals with the Burmese/Myanmar administration and declared their willingness to become Tatmadaw regiments.

See "DKBA becomes official Border Guard Force" of Burma, August 2010, and "Exploitation and recruitment under the DKBA in Pa'an District", KHRG, June 2009. You can find more information under "Human Right Infringements by BGF Cantonment Area Commander Kya Aye in Paingkyon Township, Hpa-an District, February 2013 to July 2014", KHRG, September 2014.

6 ] KHRG has obtained countless accounts of Border Guard Force (BGF) Battalion #1014 abuses, which include killings, tortures, violent abuses, specific threatening, indiscriminate taxing and claims, and seizure of property. See "BGF Battalion #1014 Calls for Coercive Labor, Claims Highly Militarized Village Occupation in Hpapun District, June 2015", KHRG, December 2015; "Human Right Violation by BGF Battalion #1014 in Bu Tho Township, Hpapun District, May 2012 to March 2014", KHRG, July 2015.

7 ] KHRG has covered the sales of methamphetamines in Nabu and Hpa-an District by BGF Bataillon #1016 under Commander Saw Mya Khaing, see "Chapter: The BGF Bataillon #1016 has resulted in the seizure and expulsion of property for municipalities in Hpa-an citieship, also for sales to privately-owned enterprises, see "Hpa-an Incident Report": Seizure of property in the municipality of Paingkyon, May 2015", KHRG, January 2016.

KNU/KNLA PC declined to follow the orders of the then SSDC administration to convert into a Tatmadaw border guard force in 2010.

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