Hlaing Thar Yar Township

Thar Yar Hlaing Community

The Hlaingthaya Township (Burmese: ?????

????? ????????, pronounced[l?ài??àjà mjo?n??]; also called the Hlaing Tharyar Township) is located in the western part of Yangon, Myanmar. This is one of the largest townships in the country and at the same time the most populous township. The Ngwe Pin Le Integrated Logistic Zone and IWT Jetty Link Port project in Hlaing Tharyar Township, Yangon, which is currently in the tendering phase. This is Hlaing thar yar township, yangon, myanmar, Yangon. Articles about Hlaing thar yar township, yangon,myanmar.

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Aung Zeya Bridge and Bayinnaung Bridge connect the township to other parts of Yangon and the Pan Hlaing Bridge connect it to the township of Twante via the Pan Hlaing Bridge. It has 46 elementary and 8 secondary and 4 high school establishments, and[3]Yangon Technological University also has a Hlaingthaya university.

River port project to be realised in the municipality of Hlaing Tharyar

The Yangon provincial authorities plan to establish an inner harbour in the municipality of Hlaingthary to rationalise the transport of goods by water. Designed near the Nge Pin Le and A Le villages in the municipality of Hlaingtharyar, the scheme is not scheduled for finalisation.

The survey took place on 4 April and was visited by business people from the haulage world. Shipping is the least expensive means of travel. In Yangon, however, it is mainly overland traffic that is used. That is why we plan to carry out sea transports as quickly as possible," said Daw Ni Lar Kyaw, a local secretary for power, industrial and traffic.

The majority of the harbours are located on the south side of the town, while most of the industry, market and wholesaling are located in the south. This exacerbates roadges because goods have to be transported through the town from one place to another. The one thing Yangon has is drinking it.

The Yangon River in the north, the Bago River and Pazundaung Creek in the north, the Pun Hlaing River in the north and the Twante Canal in the north. Doing not have an approach for the truck and truck makes the state of the jams in Yangon, so as a first move, the regional goverment, she said, allowed the truck and truck to the street at dusk.

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