History of Rangoon

Rangoon History

So is Rangoon really the worst movie in Bollywood history? However, my absolute favourite dish of the Americans and Chinese is crab rangoon. It' a story by Rangoon, by B.R. Pearn.

Juli Climate history for Rangoon with monthly averages for temperature, rainfall and wind. Cover by A history of Rangoon,.

Rangoon Story

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It' a Rangoon story. From B.R. Pearn. Brooklyn, 1939

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Find any library containing this element..... Tag for "A Story of Yangon. Maybe you have already ordered this article. It' a story from Yangon. From B.R. Pearn/Bertie Reginald PEARN; Corporation (RANGOON); Rangoon:


It has one of the most dramatic and varied cityscapes: renowned Buddha structures such as the Shwedagon Pagoda, Anglican and Roman Catholic cathedrals, Baptist and Mesopotamian cathedrals, a number of Sunni and Shiite monasteries, Hindu, Parsi and Sikh Temple and even a Hebrew temple and Army Chr. Yangon has long been the center of Myanmar's civic, business and culture and has been at the forefront of the country's development.

In Yangon, the Myanmar tribe first became'modern' and interacting with the rest of the planet, and through this interchange of ideas, Yangon's international story was connected to it. From Mahatma Gandhi to Graham Greene, guests traveled to Yangon with a number of historic personalities, from the last Indian Kaiser, Bahadur Shah Zafar, to the chilean writer and Nobel Prize winner Pablo Neruda.

To this day, these historical strata are still visible in the town' s architectonic legacy. Today, Yangon's legacy is threatened by decade-long abandonment and, even more urgently, by a new surge of intensive pressures for quick municipal expansion. There is an immediate need for a complete map that combines Yangon's current cityscape with the needs of a fast growing town.

Centuries-old inner -city outbuildings are being torn down at an alarmingly fast pace. Thant Myint-U and the Chief Minister of Yangon U Myint Swe and then Minister of Industry U Soe Thane (now Minister in the President's Office), where Dr Thant Myint-U set out the urgent need to work to preserve Yangon, the organization began three month before.

The" Towards a Conservation Strategy for Yangon in the Century " in June 2012 brought together domestic and foreign specialists, senior officials of civic organizations and cabinet officials and signalled the beginning of the Foundation's work. The foundation now assists an advisory group of municipal consultants, nature conservators and architecture through dialog with regional authorities and interested people.

Dr. Thant Myint-U gave a lecture on how conservation effort can be incorporated into a broader agglomeration development and why this is urgently needed and how it can help to make Yangon one of the most attractive and liveable towns in the area with enormous economies. Acknowledging that conservation can only take place within the framework of a more comprehensive municipal design project, YHT began to discuss with the municipalities how conservation can best be linked to municipal plan.

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