Historical places in Myanmar

Places of historical interest in Myanmar

From all places in Myanmar I love Bagan. Discover the list of major historical sites in Mandalay, Myanmar. Discover and experience the wealth of monuments, sights and history of Mandalay. Myths and folklore in an evolving spiritual realm. By chance, much of ancient Bagan has survived to this day and is now one of the most important places in Myanmar - if not the whole region.

Burma travel guide

Aka Burma, the magic country of Myanmar in south-east Asia has opened its gates to travel. Featuring a charismatic Old World ambience, welcoming natives, a keen spirit of mysticism and stunning scenery, you' re sure to find yourself in Myanmar!

Yangon's former capitol is home to the nation's most venerated sanctuary, the shining gold Shwedagon Pagoda. More glittering sanctuaries, wonderful seas and lots of historical and cultural attractions can be found on almost every nook and cranny. Go to Bagan. Bagan can't help but be impressive, even if you think you've seen enough of them.

The enchanting Mandalay is often a delight, although the near antique towns offer many good reason to stay longer. Watch the famed Inle Lake Beinstrecker on a cruise through the village on stilt trees and interesting workshop. See the precarious golden rock, visit historic places in Mrauk U, discover the Hpa-An hills and caverns, admire the view from floating Mount Popa and much more.

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The Yangon-Secretary Office

YANGON, December 13 - Myanmar has worked tirelessly to open more touristic places and areas for overseas visitors to explore a land often referred to as "one of the last frontiers" for tourism. The " Secretariat House ", probably the largest south-east Asian collective edifice, has been open to the general public since the beginning of December and offers four daily visits to this historic edifice.

"Visitor can see historic places like Myanmar's very first parlament, the flagstaff where Myanmar's banner was first hoisted on Independence Sunday (1948), and the martyrs' room where General Aung San and other martyrs were murdered," says U Kan Win Oung of Asia Tour's Myanmar, who organizes the tour for tour operators and individuals.

The latest tourist site, added to Myanmar's must see places, extends over an area of 6.5 ha right in the center of Yangon. Earlier adaptors who visited Myanmar in early 2000 may recall that this was the severely watched site that could not be reached or from which one could not take pictures.

The Yangon Heritage Trust chair, Dr. Thant Myint-U, said in an earlier Myanmar Times report about the building: "It is a place of enormous historic importance and a natural connection to Myanmar's historic colonies and to the histories of anti-colonialism and early post-independence governmen. Myanmar Department of Tourism & Hotels has also indicated that it is once again possible to request permission to cross from Inle Lake to Keng Tung on Hwy No. 4, which is considered one of the most beautiful journeys in Myanmar and opens up opportunities for cross-country journeys to Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and China.

Bago Yoma Eco Resort has been opened by the woods of Bago Yoma, home to many Myanmar elephant at risk of being depleted for their own people. With the opening of this new touristic destination, the number of visitors to Yangon International Airports (from January to November 2017) is still 7% higher than in the same timeframe in 2016.

This figure, published by the Department of Hotels & Tourisme on 11 December, shows that the number of Asiatic visitors in particular has risen with double-digit percentages from Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines and Vietnam. Ignoring Myanmar is "a great blow to the lives of the thousand who work in Myanmar and have nothing to do with the subject in northern Rakhine State," as May Myat Mon Win, Myanmar Tourist Marketing Chairperson, said early this year.

Other recent and forthcoming Myanmar venues, such as the Pan Pacific Hotel, which opened a few months ago, and the forthcoming Hilton Mandalay and Pullman Yangon, scheduled for the first three months of 2018. The Myanmar Tourist Marketing (MTM) is aimed at promoting Myanmar as a vibrant tourist destinations that can be viewed all year round.

As part of the Burma Tourist Federation, it is mainly financed by important members of the tourist industries in Burma. MTM is pleased to support the public and medias to publicize more about Burma's tourist activities. Burma Tourist Marketing is inviting online community members to join @visit. burma or #MyMyanmar to exchange their experience.

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