Historical places in Myanmar

Places of historical interest in Myanmar

Are you ready to visit the best Buddhist sites in Myanmar? Occupation to historic election. They are the best places to see or visit during your stay in Myanmar. This is Myanmar's most famous beach and a popular destination. Shvenandaw Monastery is a historical Buddhist monastery in the city of Mandalay.

Historical places to visit in Myanmar

It is an old town that was the capitol of the Kingdom of Myanmar from the ninth to the thirteenth century and is situated on the main plains of the Mandalay region of Myanmar. During their reign, the Myanmar King family built over 10,000 buddhistic churches, couples and convents on the Bagan Plains, and over 2,200 churches and couples have survived to this date.

Any other Myanmar town as Bagan is an excellent place to visit and exploring the antique town, regardless of the seasons because of the mild weather, which has no wet seasons. Some of the most touristically appealing palagodas and sanctuaries are : The Ananda Temple is the best in building and the best of all Bagan temperaments.

The temple of Thatbyinnyu is the highest in altitude, except the other Bagan-tempples. Daammayangyi Temple is the most powerful of the other Bagan-Temples. The Shwezigone Stupa is situated in NyaungOo, 4 mi from the antique town of Bagan. The antique town of Rakhine Kingdom (15th century) and situated in Rakhine State, to the west of Myanmar, Mrauk U is renowned for its renowned old temple of Shitthaung (80,000 pagodas) and Koethaung (90,000 pagodas).

The Mandalay Palace was the main home of King Mindon and King Thibaw, the last two kingdoms of the state. Mandalay Palace was built by King Mindon and was enclosed by four 2 km long ramparts and a 64 metre broad and 4.5 metre-deep ditch.

The Mandalay Palace is a prime Mandalay icon and an important travel site.

Historic Places in Myanmar

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Myanmar's well-rounded route also offers some relaxing leisure pursuits such as sipping a cup of coffee in a cosy tee house, eating a savoury dinner in a familiar restaurant and lingering in a centuries-old buddhistic christen. Burma's in Asia. You can use our Myanmar Travel Scheduler to organize your Myanmar tour and any other destination you like in Myanmar.

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