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While the Hindu app is good, you need to browse the news and read every article, this way you can miss some important articles. Review The Hindu Daily App Leaderboard: The HINDU is on your Android home screen with news from the most prestigious English language newspaper in India. I downloaded Jio News Papers App today. Thinathanthi, Dinakaran, the Hindu (English) daily newspapers.

What's better than the Hindu application or the paper?

While the Hindu application is good, you need to browse the messages and browse each item, this way you can miss some important items. So the Hindu daily newspaper is always good, but if you have a Hindu newspaper with the web and a PDF viewer, I recommend you check out the Hindu e-paper, which is only a copy of the Hindu language manual, the Hindu e-paper is on http://techeduhack.blogspot.com/... for free.

I' ve tried both and I liked the paper. The paper is always a big shock to me, especially Métro Plus and Sunday mag.

What should I do to the Hindu magazine, with its application or on a piece ofaper?

This depends on where you are and whether the magazine arrives on you. I' ve been a frequent The Hindu readership for many years and have tried the magazine in all three forms: Papier, Écopy and Apt. When you are a dawn man somewhere in the south of India, go for the hard copy application sheet (I know it's geographic biased!).

Are you a inhabitant of a town where the paper comes one or two or three day too late to ( "Oh yes! it dates 3 days!"), but more seated persons with a desk or notebook, you better decide the eco-pop. They will arrive at your e-mail just as a tough shape would arrive at your front door.

Or you can pick your desired town for the local messages. When you are a traveling individual with a proper phone, it is best to go with their application versions. You' ve got all the flexibility of the messages on the go, you can pick the ones of interest, you don't have to sit around until the next day to know what's going on all over the globe, and more, all for free!

Finally, in whatever way you are reading, you are reading this paper. You' ll be lucky to have less dramatic, analysis-based, TRP-independent and yet sometimes political messages (I sometimes felt like that) with some great feature articles to satisfy your craving for topical issues.

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