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The first colourpoint, called Himalaya in America, was created from a cross between Siam and Persians. In Great Britain the Himalaya has always been known as Colorpoint Longhair. Gender-bound red colour combinations. NOTE: The word "dot" is understood in all colors. As the Himalayan breed was born, it was only available in four colours: seal, chocolate, blue and lilac.

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Himalaya (also called Himalayan Persian or Colourpoint Persian) is a race or subbreed of a long-haired female which is of the same kind as the Persian, with the except for her blues and her point coloration, which were deduced from the cross of the Persians with the Siamese.

As the Persians in general, the Himalayas tend to have a round corpus with shortsteps, making it more difficult for them to leap as high as other males. However, since the 1960' some have more Siame-like bodies[5] and therefore do not have this restriction anymore, but cannot be accepted as show crabs anymore according to the organization's race standard.

Like other Persians, there are two kinds of Himalayas, the tradional or puppet face, and the peke-faced or ultra-typed, which has more extrem squashed-looking facial characteristics. While the Himalayas victory point on the picture on the right is puppet-faced, the spot on the cover is peke-faced. Himalayas show show a broken nostrils like peke-faced Persians, and have very large, round eye with the nostrils leathers right between the papule.

Breeders or pets generally have longer nose than show crabs and may have longer muzzles and smaller eyeballs than show males. However, all three species are Himalayan males. White and lighter in colour than a spot teddy. Choco browns on the tips (face respirator, ear, tail feathers and legs), unlike the more dark seabream.

6 ] The colour of the skin is white and lighter than that of a sealshell. A differentiation between the top of the candy and the sealing point is the colour of the patten. While the top of the candy tip has rose foot patches, the sealing tip has darkbrown foot patches. The colours of flames and creams can be very similar.

The colour of the skin is lighter and lighter than in a sealing point cats. Most of the coat on the Himalayan bodies is either pure whites or creams, but the tips are available in many different colours: Signet (or black), blue, lilac, chocolate, red (flame) and mousse. Himalayan chocolate and lilac point is the most problematic to grow, as both parent must bear the chocolate/lilac genes to grow a chocolate or lilac catkin, as the characteristic is autosomally atrophic.

Because of their Iranian descent, some Himalayas may have the PCD causing genes, but a hereditary test may show which females have the PCD to be sterilized or castrated. The Himalayan cat, like many long-haired ones, needs to be groomed every day to make its coat look its best and healtiest.

The Himalayan bath is also suggested by some breeder to help decrease the amount of oils on the cat's coat and coat. They are good-natured, smart and generally very good people. Due to their inheritance from Siameses, they tended to be more proactive than Persians.

On the 1984 Heathcliff television show, Hector (voiced by Danny Mann) is a Himalayan figure in tan with a lilac necktie, a gray headband, an 80s hairstyle and a New York twist. One of the protagonists of The Illcredible Journey (1993) and Homeward Bound II: Los in San Francisco (1996) is a Himalayan cats called Sassy (voiced by Sally Field).

Ryoma Echizen, the protagonist of the Anime/Manga Prince of Tennis, possesses a cheerful, impish and astonishingly clever Himalayan cats called Karupin (or Kalpin in the British translation), to whom he is very ardent. One of the most beloved dramas in Korea, the protagonist Anna Jo has a million dollars kitty called Princess, who can be seen in every single movie from Anna Jo's pampering to other characters' deaths.

Three Himalayas, christened after composers: They have been shown in their Kmart ads, in their TV show Martha Stewart Living and in their magazines, such as the February 1999 edition album. Webkinz, an on-line character games with toys they have bought, has a Himalaya as one of their soft toys.

Two Himalayan monkeys, Monkey and Stewie, are often seen in Flipping Out. The TV show shows that" iMove Out" features the Himalayan Harmoo cattery. One Himalayan called Goma and his diary was shown at the Animal Planet Show in 2009, the show known as 101 Goma.

In 2011, a Himalaya called Luna The Fashion Kitty became a socially responsible phenomena with a favorite Facebook page, a website and many press credentials. One Himalayan Persian by the name of Colonel Meow became an online fame in 2012 and joined Guinness World Records in 2014 as the longest skinned cats. Mr. Jinx (also known as Jinxy, or just Jinx) from the "Meet the Parents" triology is a two year old seal-peke-faced Himalaya.

The Wikimedia Commons has a Himalayan dimension.

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