Hilton Ngapali

Ngapali Hilton

The Hilton Ngapali Beach Resort is located in Ngapali and offers an outdoor pool as well as a spa and wellness centre. Ngapali Beach Hotel Resort, Rakhine State, Burma. Hilton Ngapali lies on luxury with a beautiful infinity pool and a sublime spa overlooking the sea. Luxurious Hilton Ngapali is located at the northern end of Ngapali Bay and is surrounded by beautiful lagoons and quiet gardens. Hilton (as it looks like) has a nice beach property in Myanmar at Ngapali Beach.

Ngapali Resort & Spa

Hilton Ngapali is only a few steps away from the city of Thandwe, but has a sense of escaapism. Surrounded by green backyards and glittering lakes, the spacious guest rooms, a luxurious spas, an exquisite restaurants and resorts, it has all the features of a beach holiday.

If you choose a bedroom, you will have plenty of room and deck chairs on your terrace to relax and unwind - some even have decades-old bathtubs and open-air shower facilities. Believe us, it is well invested quality of life. The Flow all-day meal service offers a full range of oriental and oriental food. Consider the chill-out period at Ngapali Bay Villa & Spa, a selection of seaside mansions.

The Sandoway Estate is a wonderful beach resorts with wonderful mansions and cabins in Ngapali.

Luxury on the beach in Myanmar at Hilton Ngapali

The pleasant surprise is one of the marvellous things about going to a land off the well-trodden paths, and that is exactly what occurred when Mr O'T and I went to Thandwe to stay at the Hilton Ngapali for a few nights. Situated in the Bay of Bengal, Ngapali is a welcome breeze of cool breezes, especially in comparison to the hectic pace of Yangon.

In spite of the fact that the tourist industry is still developing, the Ngapali is not as easy as you might think. Only two 5* stars in the area, our chosen resort was quickly demoted to Hilton Ngapali Resort & Spa. Featuring a large catalog of Hilton Honor's points and some tempting pictures on the Internet, it made absolute good business to remain at the Hilton.

It' very fascinating because I have always associated the Hilton Group with travel and it is the way I have collected so many points. Going from the doorway of the city to the main foyer is like going to another empire. Although I love my days in both towns, there is something about Ngapali that makes your hair curl up.

Sleeping rooms take the term'standard' to another plane, especially in Myanmar. The Shangri-La in Yangon (which is quite outdated) is not like The Hilton Ngapali. At the beginning our room was completely huge and came with the tallest bunk I have seen so far. There was the tallest whirlpool in the room I've ever seen, with its roses - another delight!

Featuring open-air bathminton court, a well-equipped fitness studio (including a free fitness trainer) and a spas, you're really spoiled for choices when it comes to hotels, but only if you can free yourself from the hotel's inflinity swimming pools ?! Sundowns were my favorite part of the year.

Believe me, when I say that the Ngapali sundowns are completely magic, I vow that every village, every village and every land has its own spectacular sundown! Thought it was really interesting to mention that totally no photo shopping or photo manipulation took place on one of my photo shootings at sundown.

From the two wks we were in Myanmar, the Hilton Ngapali really blown Burma's hospitality up! With its tranquil backyards and lovely lakes, Avash is a worthwhile place to stay if you ever find yourself in this part of the game! Did you visit Ngapali before?

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