Hilton Hotel Ngapali Beach

Ngapali Beach Hilton Hotel

Ngapali Hilton Hotel, the best 5-star hotel on the beach of Ngapali, has made my holiday the best I have ever had. This hotel is suitable for athletes. It has a bar inside the hotel. There is no access to the beach. Luxurious Hilton Ngapali Beach Resort Hotel has a private palm-fringed beach and is located around a quiet lake.

Ngapali Beach Best Hotel, 5 Stars - Review Hilton Ngapali Resort & Spa, Zi Phyu Kone, Myanmar

The matresses on the patio were filthy, the minibar was empty and we were emboldened to buy what we needed in front of the hotel. In spite of many friendly endeavours, communication with the employees was hard because their English was bad. The meal at the only place to eat was bad and very good. New Year' s Eve was a horrible event with a third-rate bandmember who sang in front of a cam, not in front of the crowd, and a refreshment table with parched chickens and octopus, greasy lettuce, vegetable that floated in a horrible gravy....

Burma is still evolving and many shortcomings are understandable, but the mouldy indoor climate is inacceptable and for a Hilton to use Nespresso engines (which do not work) is lousy, as is mismanagement and filth. While we are glad that you found our members of our staff kind, we regret that we did not meet your requirements.

And since we offer our customers more convenience by not offering beverages in the refrigerator but with a mini-bar meal to keep the articles they want in store at any time of the night, I'm sorry you didn't like it either. We' re also frustrated and amazed to learn that you didn't like the meal and service in our new year' s dinner table, which included the New Year' s Feast, with entertainments by The Messenger Acoustic Band and the young gifted British vocalist Thanthar Moehtet, who is a brilliant Myanmar musician.

The F&B Manager has also accompanied you throughout the entire meal, which includes the change of the menu of your choosing before the start of the event, the entertainment of your wish to have your meal served early before the opening of the catering and your response during the dining . While we could have made it right over supper, we are sorry that we were not given this chance.

We thank you again for your visit and look forward to welcoming you again in the nearhood.

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