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Find out what it's like to live with the Highland Fold cat breed and read more about its origins, personality traits and physical characteristics. Its pronounced physical characteristics and the unusually loving nature make the Scottish Fold cat very popular. Many Scottish folding cats have a special feature like no other cat: folded ears, which give the breed an owl-like appearance. Extensive breed information about the Scottish Fold cat breed. It' probably the cutest cat in the world, the Scottish Fold.

Cat Breed Highland Fold - Facts and Features

Highland Fold is a middle size female with middle bone structure. Highland Fold looks round. It has a round shape and the pleated ear reinforces the impression of circularity. Feet appear round like the tails in relation to length. The Highland Fold is called the Scottish Fold Longhair by some Reg.

Highland Fold is a cute, enchanting race that is easily to grow and maintain. Your cock should be treated with caution. Several of these are known to become stiff in the tails, which can cause discomfort if the tails are incorrectly treated or inadvertently treated.

Live with: Be careful when feeding the Highland Fold. Highland needs an active game with its parents to stay in good state. While the highlands age, parents should softly toy with the cock and move it from side to side and up and down.

When you notice rigidity or if it seems to be in pains, when the cock is tampered with, take it to the vet to see if it suffers from atheromatitis. First words of a hanging or pleated ear cats date back to 1796. However the Highland Fold as we know it today is a long-haired Scotch fold that traced its origins back to 1961 in Pertshire, Scotland.

Catkins with pleated eyes were found in a throw of otherwise ordinary catkins. The kitty, called Susie, was then raised with house pets and short haired Brits to help develop the pleated head within the herd. Until today every fold and highland fold in Scotland should be able to retrace its ancestors back to Susie.

The British made the Scottish Fold a race, but it has never been more loved there than in the United States. The Americans not only fell in Love with this race, they also made it the pretty cats it is today. Highland Fold is hard to grow.

Fanfolded earcats must not be reared with other fanfolded earcats. Breeding two Folding Earcats together can affect the resulting catkins to such an extreme degree that they have difficulties walk. Highland Folds also have small throws in this type of cross and not all kitties have pleated eyes.

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