Hindthada (Burmese: ?????

???????; formerly Henzada) is a city on the Irrawaddy River in the Ayeyarwady region, Burma (Myanmar). The Henzada is located in Burma, with the iata code HEB. Henzada, also called Henzada, town in southwestern Myanmar (Burma). Looking for the map of Henzada?

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Hindthada (Burmese: ????????????; formerly Henzada) is a town on the Irrawaddy River in the Ayeyarwady region, Burma (Myanmar). By 2010 it had increased to 170,312[1] The local produce market runs through the Hinthada harbour.: This Ayeyarwady region site is a tarn.

The Encyclopaedia Britannica 1911

HENZADA, a county of Lower Burma, formerly in the Pegu, now in the Irrawaddy Department. (1901) 484,558. Situated in a wide plateau, which forms the Irrawaddy basin, it is split by this stream into two almost identical parts. Arakan and Pegu Yoma are the main mountainous area.

Arakan Yomas's largest peak in Henzada, reached in the width of Myan-aung, is 4003 feet. above seagr. surface. There are many wild brooks flowing down from the two border areas and converging in the plain into large brooks that are part of the district's main rivers, namely the Irrawaddy, Hlaing and Bassein, all of which are twigs of the Irrawaddy.

Woods include almost all species of wood found in Burma. Henzada, the capital of the county, had 24,756 inhabitants in 1901. It' a city with ten voting members and three ex-office members. The other urban cities in the county are Zalun with 6642 inhabitants, Myan-aung with 6351 inhabitants and Kyangin with 7183 inhabitants according to the 1901 survey.

Lemyethna had 5831 inhabitants. Irrawaddy Flotilla Company steamships sail to Henzada and Myan-aung. It was once part of the Pegu Valley Kinggdom, which was incorporated into the Myanmar state in 1753, and has no story of its own. In the second Burma Wars, after Prome was confiscated, the Myanmar people traversed the Irrawaddy on the right shore and resisted the British, but were driven out in their entirety.

Tharawaddy, or the land just off the Irrawaddy, and southern Henzada, was much disordered by an uprising, but its leader was beaten by the Brits and their mobs.

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