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Hi Cheer, Noun [ C us /he?lo?, h?-/ plural hellos. used when meeting or greeting someone: "'Hello, Paul', she said,'I haven't seen you in months.

'" [ he-loh, huh-, hel-oh] More synonyms for "hello" on Thesaurus.com. To use hello in a sentence. Hello. hello synonyms, hello pronunciation, hello translation, english dictionary definition of hello. interj.

Hello " for example.

The answering machine answers the caller's "ringing" (line 0) with yeposeyyo: : ' 'hello: ' ' ' (line 1). We launched the "Goldene Hallo's" two years ago and expanded it to cover issues of scarcity. And then everyone in the nightclub said it - hello there. Spokesman is not really interested in the listener's readiness to say hello.

It thinks a great deal of her skills and enjoy being welcomed and welcomed with a happy hello. Between 1999-2000, the year before the introduction of the Goldes Hallos, we enlisted 2,362 persons for scientific teachers' school. Aim is to welcome at least ten persons per team. So I turned to hello and I waited.

Introducing gold greetings for mathematics and scientific degrees, which are being expanded to other disciplines, such as language. Terms such as "Hello" and "Yes" have meanings and phonologies, but do not appear as part of major constructs and are therefore syntactically incorrect. An easy Hello Worid test looks like the following source text, where describe() is a series of test descriptions and it() is an custom test definition.

Can I say hello and goodbye, please and thank you, can ask for the way at our schools and can ask and reply to easy and straightforward queries. The example below is a straightforward hello worldwide programme. The first year of the Gold Hallos, which increased by 13 percent to 2,670.

I' m very optimistic that our Greetings to the Goldene Grüßen für moderne Fremdsprachen will produce the same good results this year.

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Hello! noun, plurals hel-los. the call "hello" (used as greeting): It gave me a hot hello. verbs (used without object), hel-loed, hel-lo-ing. to say "hello"; to cry or scream: Verbs (used with object), hel-loed, hel-lo-ing. to say "hello" to (someone): So we greeted each other as if nothing had happend.

He sees my partner walking past a salon in red and says:'Hello, where are you from? "Hello, kirkwood!" "the ravens' masked man shouted, "Hello and see for yourself how you like it. "He was crying, "Hello, old man," he shook Trenton's warmly. How could he not ask me how I felt or pulled my ears and say "Hello, Puss", an indication that the presenter thinks his audience is naïve or sluggish to make something happenHello?

Were you on Mars or something in the last two week? the act of saying or shouting "hello" in 1883, changing the hello, even a change from Holla, Hollo, a cry to get people' s minds going back to at least about 1400. In his list hello, hello, hello, hello, hello, hello,,, hillo, hills, helloa, holla, heller, hello, holo, hello, helo, hello, hulloa, hello, and he writes: "The variety of shapes is confusing....".

Switchboards were known as Hallo-Mädchen (1889).

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