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Headquartered in Athens, Greece, Hellas Jet was a charter airline operating flights to Greece from destinations in Europe. Locate the best Hellas Jet tickets, book your flight and fly with Hellas Jet at the lowest cost. Headquartered in Hellas Jet S.A. offers charter flights for international leisure and business travel.

Follow every flight from Hellas Jet from all over Europe and worldwide. Follow Hellas Jets latest arrivals and departures, flight routes and current flights.

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Hella's jet was a member of IATA. Hellas Jet started out as a regular carrier with two departures a day from Athens to Paris and Brussels and one to London/Heathrow and Zurich. Later, Zurich services were discontinued due to low traffic and substituted by London/Gatwick services per day, while services to Paris and Brussels were slightly reduced to allow for two a week services from Athens to Copenhagen.

Gatwick weekends were moved to Heathrow in 2005, although the week-long flight was cancelled for most of the year, with the exception of the bustling Christmas and New Year seasons. Hellas Jet chartered airlines operating services to/from Heraklion and Rhodes, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Amsterdam, Düsseldorf, Paris, etc.

They were available for both regular and ad-hoc charting. Helias Jet started operation with a group of three Airbus A320-232 airplanes with SX-BVA, SX-BVB and SX-BVC license numbers which have been rented by CIT Aerospace. Hellas-Jet then rented two more used Airbus 320s, this year with CFMs. Some of them came from LatCharter and others from USA3000, and they kept their color scheme with Hellas-Jet caption.

Another Airbus A 320 was purchased from SX-BVD' lat-chartered Lat-Charter with Lat-Charter colors but with Hellas-Jet tracks and the HellasJet emblem on the engine. CFM powered SX-BVK and SX-BVL with full Hellas Jet painting. Those planes were finally taken back and handed back to the US leasing company after the company had fallen behind with its payment.

Fokker 50 for a daughter airline called Hellas Aviation, which was purchased to run internal services to the Greek islands, but this airline never started business and the Fokkers were divested. The Wikimedia Commons has got press on Hella's jet.

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