And Heliwest is a wholly owned Australian airline. From Heliwest - Securing the power supply The Heliwest Ltd. is a Finish, employee-managed enterprise specialising in the provision and development of aviation related utilitieservices. The Lindholm was the first to offer the service of helicopters in the region when the Lindholm familiy established the enterprise in 1992. As early as 1994, the enterprise began pruning timber from a chopper using a power line.

For 24 years Heliwest has cut off thousand of kilometres of airborne tree with electricity cables for the utilities world. It has developed into a multi-helicopter business operating throughout Finland, Scandinavia, the Baltics, CEE. Besides trim medias, Heliwest also offers other service such as hoisting, construction and installation work on electric turrets, electric cables, windpower and heat distribution systems, inspections and infra-red cameras.

All of our drivers have a wealth of aviation expertise with air saws and inspection under various operating environments and on all kinds of terrains. They' ve recorded over 65,000 long and reliable hours-in-helicopter flights. Both our crews and our groundworkers exceed the industry's operational and security demands. Heliwest, as a business, complies with all valid EU norms.

We provide our clients with a service that meets the needs of the SPO. Continuous processes and developpment are important to us. In particular, we invest in our own design of chopper blades. Cutting in the powerful MD 500 D/E high load-bearing helipods.

The Heliwest - not up to expectations - Review of HeliWest Day Tours Perth, Jandakot, Australia

Even though the plane was reserved as a business present, Heliwest was very reticent to honour the present without a paper voucher, despite phone confirmations from the donated firm. We were on the next plane one moment, then we weren't, (it did happen three times!) at best the reason was threadbare! and the two people couldn't even work out!

We waited an hour and a half for a scheduled plane ride and left. I couldn't afford this trip! He recently took a sightseeing trip over Perth, up to Kings Park and back along the river! My spouse took me on a sightseeing trip between Burswood and Fremantle as a late gift for my birth.

I wasn't sure what to look forward to, but I was thrilled by the ease of the ride and the view of my adopted country. Have you been to HeliWest Day Tours in Perth?

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