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Cypriot low cost airline Helios Airways operated scheduled and charter flights between Cyprus and many European and African destinations. Locate the best Helios Airways tickets, book your flight and fly with Helios Airways at the lowest cost. Cypriot low cost airline Helios Airways operated scheduled and charter flights between Cyprus and many European and African destinations. The latest news, pictures, videos and special reports from the Economic Times. Eleftherios Venizelos" Athens International Airport welcomes Helios Airways to the Athens airport community.

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Founded Helios Airways on 23 September 1998, it was the first private carrier in Cyprus. It made its first scheduled service to London Gatwick on 15 May 2000. The company was founded by the proprietors of TEA (Cyprus), a Cyprus based off-shore aviation company specializing in Boeing 737s.

Initially the airline operated flights to Athens, London, Manchester, Amsterdam, Edinburgh, Prague, Sofia, Bournemouth, Cairo, Paris, Dublin and Warsaw. In 2004 Helios Airways was taken over by the Libra Holidays Group, Limassol, Cyprus. Helios Airways Flight 522 went down near Grammatiko, Greece on 14 August 2005 because the flight was disabled for shortage of air and all 121 airline occupants were shot and all 121 people died.

This incident exposed many issues with the security of the company and resulted in lawsuits against five of its officers. Helios Airways was renamed Ajet and withdrawn from regular service on 14 March 2006[4] In response to rumours, Ajet on 30 October 2006 declared that it would discontinue operation in the next 90 workingdays.

Against this background, the Cypriot government called for immediate payment of tax arrears. Privately-owned providers also requested that they be remunerated in the form of money for all further deliveries and work. As of October 31, 2006, the carrier immediately discontinued flight operation. At the 11th November 2006, the Company's website stated that the Government of the Republic of Cyprus "illegally arrested Ajet's planes and froze the Company's banking accounts", which "constitutes a breach of Ajet's effective appeals to the District Court and causes significant economic harm to the Company".

Consequently, Ajet indicated that all air services that other airlines will operate to all routes will no longer be available from Monday 6 November 2006 and therefore customers will have to make their own provision. Helios Airways Flight 522, a Boeing 737-300 that flew from Larnaka via Athens to Prague, went down on 14 August 2005 at Grammatiko, Greece.

Soon after take-off from Larnaca, the aircrew had been taken out of action due to a drop in cockpit-pressures. Autopilots stepped into a queue over Athens, and the plane began to sink after the gas was depleted and crashed into undulating ground about 30 km off Athens International Airport. Every 121 passenger and garrison were killed in the crash.

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