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Travel from Heho to Tachileik - Myanmar Forum We' re going to Myanmar in January 2014, we have plans to go to Heho (Inle Lake), and we want to go from Heho to Tachileik. Anybody know we can go to Tachileik and then across the Thai frontier, Chiang Rai? Is there any other way to travel to Thailand by road, rail or coach?

I have always found it very quickly...just send me your info/reservation e-mail on their website...OR...even simpler - just waiting until you arrive and make your reservation. You would have enough travel times to make the reservation from Myanmar, as this would be the end of your itinerary.

Yes, you can travel from Taichileik to Mae Sai Thailand and no longer need a specific MTT-certificate. First you can go to Kengtung for a few nights and then you can go to some local communities, then by coach to Tailchileik (about 4 hours) or directly to Taichileik.

Currently no shore trip between Heho/Taunggyi and Kengtung is allowed....but this could soon be changed.....? This is how we travelled from Heho to Tachileik. After flying KBZ and booking the plane through a tourist office not far from where we came to Bagan by ferry.

On the way to our accommodation our cab stop at this tour operator and we book a plane from Bagan to Heho and a plane from Heho to Tachileik. Heho was not very well organized, but the employees came to guide us to the right door. Tachileik International Tachileik up to the frontier with a tuk.

With the rucksack without prior announcement the frontier crossed on feet? Hello Bakkertje, we reserved the flight in a travelling agent on arriving in Bagan, from Bagan to Heho about 110 US Dollar p.P. from Heho to Tachileik. It was 81US dollars p.p. No need to get your papers ready to get across the line.

We' ve had more difficulty getting to Laos than going across the Myanmar-Thai frontier. I will refer to your counsel on how to get across the Tachileik/Mae Sai frontier when I get back from my August journey. I can' go from Mae Sai to Myanmar.

I had to restructure my route, which increased my travelling costs. I hope I will be reading more succesful passages before I get back in August well, they didn't even look at the passes when they crossed the boarder, it didn't even take 2 mins! We needed about an hours to get across the Thai-Laos frontier, although no one was there.

So I phoned the Myanmar consulate that had granted our visas before we started our trip and acknowledged that there was no difficulty to cross the line without warning..... You can, but you must take a flight from Heho to Taichileik (no roads allowed yet).

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