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High after Kalaw

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I' ve had trouble to find detail on transportation from Heho to Kalaw, so I thought I'd crank up a new thread for my few outstanding queries. I' ve been hearing great things about the rail journey from this area and I'm ready to take a few more lessons if I can really enjoy the area.

What is the nearest railway to Heho International and when does the railway go from there to Kalaw? When it is not possible to take the course, is the coach an optional extra? If I want to see Pindaya, can I spare my own trip from Heho, or can I go to Kalaw first and then organize a trip to Pindaya separately?

All in all I am more enthusiastic about the trip by rail than about the cave, so I hope that this is possible. To make sure I have it right, the best way to take the Heho railroad is to take a minibus to Aubang from the highway outside the city? Aubang' s more than 3/4 of the way to Kalaw, right?

That'?d only put me on the bandwagon for half an hours, right? I am astonished because I have just found this timetable that shows that there is a railway in Heho, and it looks like there is a railway that fits my timetable. One-four-four hundred and forty-four stations at Heho on the way to Kalaw.

Couldn't I take a cab to get to the station? But I wouldn't believe the timetables, because there are often some delay, my trains from Inel Shwaaung to Inle were 3 hours late, once in Kalow maybe take a cab to Pindaya and then get off the Aubang to Inle coach, or there are frequent busses to Aubang and Kalow from the highway, which turn right after exiting the station and stop all pick-ups or busses.

Okay, I got it..... I'll at least inspect the railway when it' s this near, and then stop a coach to Aubang/Kalaw when there is a delay. So for Pindaya, if you said the caverns are good nearer to Kalaw (sounds like the Shwe Oo Min Paya is the one you have described), too, then I might just sticking with those, rather than add to many travels complications. What are you saying?

To Kalaw, take a cab and either take it for a full days or drag it there. Then you can rent a cab to take you to the Pindaya cave, then on to the Inle area. There is a sanctuary in Kalaw with a row of caverns known as Shwe Oo Min Paya, but it is nothing in comparison to those of Pindaya.

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