Heart Island Myanmar

Myanmar, the heart island

From Kawthaung (Myanmar) or Ranong (Thailand). Comb Island is part of the Mergui Archipelago in the Andaman Sea. This bay changes the color of the ocean and is therefore also called Emerald Heart Island. From above it looks like a heart with emeralds glistening in the sun.

Top 5 Geographical Clues to Emerald Heart Island (Cocks Comb Island) from Ranong, Thailand

Whilst technically speaking it is located in Myanmar, it is an open air excursion to and from Ranong in Thailand. One and a half hours drive from Ranong, it is simple to see how the island got its nickname emerging heart - by looking at the UAV, the inner part of the island looks like an emerald-grey heart!

Where' s Emerald Heart Island (Cocks Comb Island)? Let us delve into the secrets of Emerald Heart Island. Go to the'Hidden Lagoon' by going under the Caverns! The funniest thing about the visit to Emerald Heart Island that we have learned from travelers is that before you get to the best part of the island - the Hidden Lagoon - you have to go under the lime stone caverns first.

The Emerald Heart Island offers you the best of both worlds. What is Emerald Heart Island? P.S.: We have been told that many of the corals were killed by bombing many years ago and the illicit extraction of marine creatures - the fauna to be found here is still amazing. Emerald Heart Island is little known to most and is also a fairly good diving site.

Continue along the manholes leading to the concealed Laguna. Once in the Laguna you will find that it has a maximal diving deep of 12-15m with some boulders of corals. The less energetic can just drift through the beautiful island water and take great instagram pictures.

There is even a lookout deck in the secluded Laguna if you want to have a higher lookout. Obviously, if you're here to take instagram pictures, Emerald Hearts' will make a great place to take these great mermaid pictures. Emerald Heart Island is one way to do this if you've always wanted more rubber stamped passports.

It' simple, especially if you register a few day in advanced with your travel agent. Comb Island (Emerald Heart Island), Myanmar (Burma) - Coordinates here Getting to Emerald Heart Island from Bangkok:1. From Bangkok, take a scenic home trip to Ranong via Nok Air. How do you feel about this island you've never even seen before?

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