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Grasheu is better suited for the GI systems of an Asian elephant than alfalfa, and the protein content is optimal. " The elephant came out of the trees and stopped the driver." As a matter of fact, Timothy hay forms the basis for several species of zoo animals including elephants. Elephant adventure, Bela Bela Bela Picture:

Be careful: Elephants attack on trucks with hayloads in Thailand

Testimonies said the lorry was driving through Khao Yai National Park in Nakhon Ratchasima when a bull migrated out of the tree and took to the street to stop the car. An eyewitness, Savet Rassame, 47, took a tape of the elephant running around by the side of the lorry trying to steal a hayball out of the lorry's tow.

The elephant seemed to enjoy having a new hay bale," said Rassame. It was a big, big elephant, so I think he was starving. Chief Kanchit Srinappawan said that although the reserve is known for its many free-roaming bulls, it is not often that the bulls come close to cars on the drive.

I don't know how the elephant knew the hay lorry was gonna be there. "The elephant came out of the tree and let the rider stop and took the hay.

feed for elephants

Which elephant eats? If you have ever watched an elephant feeding, you will never use the word "seizure" to refer to it. Animals enjoy their meal in silence, where they tastefully cook every bit of food. The elephant lives on vegeterian food. Savage African and Asian elephant feed on gras, twigs and root vegetables.

However, the basic diet of the elephant in the arena and animal park is hay, straws and twigs. You will also get some fruits, vegetable, bread and lots of drinking more. In addition, they receive freshly chopped weed in the south. As the elephant zoos mainly feed on dried fodder, they also have to consume more drinking fluids than their feral family.

What amount of drinking fluid does an elephant have? An elephant whose staple food is hay and hay must absorb the amount of moisture it loses when the lawn dries. That' s why a elephant from the animal park or the circuses is drinking about 100 to 150 liters of drinking soda a day. Feral animals, which mainly feed on gras and twigs, need to consume much less swill.

What's the capacity of the boot? While they drink, the elephant sucks up to 8 liters of liquid into its mouth. It is also very important in everyday sanitation and when you play in a pool or pool. Everyday feed intake of an adult elephant in the sanctuary looks more or less like this:

3 kg of bran, steeped in tepid waters and enhanced with cooking salts, diamonds, vitamins, mineral and microelements. I want as many twigs as possible. Shredding twigs into bite-sized pieces is a good activity for the elephant. Cheek teeth are scratched by the nourishment of the twigs.

The twigs are also ideal as scratch brushes and beaters. dinner at night: The elephant is a poor animal feeder. About 40 to 50% of the absorbed nutrition exits the human organism without digestion. Which is elephant's favourite dish? An elephant loves banana and dextrose candy.

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