Hawk Nose

Falcon Nose

One Roman nose was superior to a snub nose in its hint of firmness and strength, and heavy jaws showed a "latent sensuality and rudeness". The people who wear the falcon's nose drip with self-confidence and don't let anyone take them. The nose number two, also called "hawk nose", is an example of Barbra Streisand (left). The other noses picked by Tamir are only known by numbers.

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The aquilean nose (also known as the snub nose[2]) is a man's nose with a distinctive web that appears to be curvilinear or slightly arched. Aquilin comes from the southern term acquilinus ("eagle-like"), an reference to the curving bill of an ore. 3 ][4][5] While some have attributed the acquiline nose to certain ethnical, race or geographical groups and in some cases associate it with other alleged non-physical traits (e.g. intellect, state, character, etc., see below), there are no scholarly research or proofs of such a connection.

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