Have a good Trip in Thai

Enjoy your trip in Thai


???? (pôot cháa long nòi) Please take this into account in your travel plans. It is always a good idea to learn the basics. Hi, my friend is going to Thailand soon. Do you have a good time in Thailand or in Thailand? You will learn how to say: Have a good trip in Thai and many other related words.

Thailand-talk 17: Have a good trip!

Welcome back to our Thai Talk articles here in this diary! Go back and browse our Thai Talk 1-16 to see Thai and the useful sentences you may need to know. Today's piece is, as they say in Thai, "Bon Voyage". You can say a few sentences to wish someone a good and secure trip in Thai.

I' m just gonna tell you the sentences this once without ever interrupting them for you. First sentence to say "Bon Voyage" in Thai is "Khor Hai Dern Thang Doi Sawatdiphap". The last one is what I think most Thais use it with boyfriends and families.

Okay, now you know how to say "bon vovage" in Thai. Stay with us for more Thai Talk classes we offer here every months. Anyone who knows, you can get to talk Thai in a Thai boxes blog site.

Usefull Thai idioms

This is a set of useful sentences in Thai, a Tai-Kadai langue which is mainly used in Thailand. To listen to one of the (non-English) words that are the link (blue). Click on the German version to see these words in many other tongues. Use the Phrase Finder if you want to see these words in any desired combinations of two different tongues.

The main system used on this site is the Thai2Deutsch translation system for Thai, or the system used in Lonely Planet Thai phrases.

You guys have a good run

Hello, my boyfriend is going to Thailand soon. Do you have a good stay in Thailand or in Thailand.... Are you enjoying your trip to Thailand or in Thailand? Much fun in Thailand. {\a6}(= have fun in Thailand). We wish you a pleasant journey to Thailand. This is the best way to get the most out of your trip to Thailand.

One could say: "Have fun on your trip to Thailand." I have a boyfriend who has just landed in Thailand. May I say you' re enjoying your trip in Thailand instead of Thailand. Like it says in mail 2, you are travelling to a destination, "Enjoy your trip to Thailand". So if you want to relate to the amount of quality and quality of life you spend there, it would be: "Enjoy your visit to Thailand".

If he were already there I would not tell anyone that he should "enjoy his journey to this and that place". If he were already there I would not tell anyone that he should "enjoy his journey to this and that place". Yes, but in this case I would say: "Enjoy your sojourn / visiting / spending quality in Thailand", not "your journey".

I' d say Trip. For me, a trip (if it is a holiday that includes a trip) is not just the whole journey to go anywhere, but the whole period until the definitive comeback. She wouldn't say "your journey in." But it should also be shown that "enjoy your stay in Thailand" for me is very well-shaped.

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