Havana Brown

Canavanna Brown

It is a need for people to accompany and interact with this race. These adorable brown people will not only be part of every housework thing, they will also be insisting on having the very last say about everything. In comparison to some other shorthaired races, the race is regarded as moderate between them.

Havana Brown is curious by nature and takes a tangible and tactile hold when exploring oddities in her surroundings. Whereas a minimal amount of care and attention is necessary for this short-haired race, it is important that a constant care and baths regime is already in place at a young age. Therefore, it is important for the breeds to have a good and healthy lifestyle.

The most Havana Browns prefer attentiveness and will gladly succumb to full-length abrasion with a smooth groom. The front and rear nails should be cliped and the inside of the ear-cleansed. Havanna Brown is best described as a mid-sized and structured cats, strong and well muscled, with a feeling of strength, but also elegant and graceful.

Its two most prominent characteristics are its colour and coiffure. His prominent snout form, fur colour, large forward sloping ear and conspicuous verdant eye distinguish him from other sires. Havana is a deep, hot, even brown - more reddish brown than black-brown.

Fur is brief to moderately long, sleek, shiny and tight. Pickin' up a Havana for the first one can be a surprise because this supple -looking kitty actually outweighs it. There is a clear stop on the eye when seen in detail. Havana's conspicuously elliptical verdant havana is memorable.

Every even hue of greens is tolerable, the greenness the better. It has large, round, broad and slightly forward stabbed eyes, giving the cats a vigilant look. Few hairs exist inside or outside the ear, with an apparent scarcity of them. The sponge is brown with a pink colour, the paws are pink.

Purr hairs must be brown to complete the fur colour. Spars on the lower lips of the jaw is a distinctive characteristic of this race. The beautiful brown kitten was born in England as a product of the breeding between Siameses and African household pets by a number of dedicated British lovers whose general aim was to make a self-brown cattery.

It was first introduced to North America in the 1950'. This early import was part of the basic inventory of today's Havana Brown. The Havana follows the Siamese in England, while in North America the growers have kept the appearance of the early import. With the aim of increasing the dwindling genetic resources, in 1998/1999 the growers were granted permission to allow crossbreeding to non-registered native short hairs, either native short hairs (black or blue), certain colours of the Orient or the Chocoate Point or the Siamese Sea Point.

Please ask the secretary of the Breeding Council for further information.

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