Harris Island Myeik

Myeik Island, Harris

Like a fairytale garden on a beautiful tropical island! is in Myeik. Use Harris Island on our Myeik Road Trip Planning website to see other sights you can visit during your holiday in Myeik. We' re going to Harris Island first. Tourist agencies open up remote islands.


I' ll meet you at Myawaddy's, see you in Kawthaung! Overland from Thailand, you can take true adventurous trips through the south of Myanmar, including Myawaddy, Hpa-An, Mawlamyaine, Dawei, Myeik and Kawthaung, as you wish. Packages around the south of Yangon, Kyaikhtiyo Pagoda (Golden Rock), Hpa-An, Mawlamyaine, Dawei, Myeik and Kawthaung can be arranged according to your wishes.

Collection at Yangon airport, departure at Kawthaung airport! Excursions to the south of Myanmar include Yangon, Kyaikhtiyo Pagoda (Golden Rock), Hpa-An, Mawlamyaine, Dawei, Myeik and Kawthaung. They can be safe and relax on a journey. At about 7 am, pick-up from the airport and departure from Myeik Jetty, exploration of the Andaman Sea by speedboat.

At Two Face Island we see wonderful snorkelling spots with corals and seaweed. Towards midday we reached Dome Island, eating shellfish on the shore. Afterwards we will go to Nyaung Mai (Moken) and get to know her work. Afterwards we will go to the Dahall waterfall and take a natural freshwater bath and have a refreshing drink.

We' ll be back in Myeik around 5:30, we' ll pick you up at your lodge. ?Day?Day 6.00 am, departure from the motel, shuttle to Myeik jetty, exploration of the Andamanensee. First, we go to Harris Island. Swim, snorkel and unwind on the sandy beaches. We take the Thameehla Waterfall by watercraft, then we drive to Sack Island and take our free aprons.

?Depart?Depart from Sack Island and we are visiting Twe Face Island, enjoying the fascinating snorkelling and snorkelling on the fascinating reef and tropic fishing. We' ll drive to Dome Island and hike through the long Dahall beaches to see the town of Nyaung Mai. ?After?After Have a nice morning, take a small river cruise to the Dahall Waterfall and take a natural sunbath.

We' re visiting Tatagyi Island on the way to Myeik. Arrival at Myeik Steg in the afternoon, return to your accommodation. Security is the first priority when islandjumping. Snorkel mask and flippers are contained in all trips. You will be able to relax and unwind. You can also book packages to the Mergui Archipelago's renowned destinations such as Dome Island, Lampi Island, Nyaung Wee Island etc. according to your wishes.

8am a. m. meeting a resident tour leader in your accommodation hobby and transfers to the pier and boats take you to the mangrove canal, kayak along the Mangrove. You' ll be visiting a fishing town in the heart of the mangrove wood. Once you have learned the everyday lifestyle in the town, you' ll be able to explore lonely islets, and relax on the water.

5 pm to Myeik and transfers to your hotels. Departure from Kawthaung Jetty in the mornings, exploring the Andaman Sea with the Andaman Yacht Charter, arrival at Cocks Comb Island and snorkelling and bathing in the heart-shaped area through the limestone caves. Afterwards we will go to Santan Island, have our lunches at the sandy beaches and relax in the shadow.

During the afternoons we will visit the island Zadet Gyi, enjoying wonderful snorkelling and the reef. At about 5am we arrived at the Grand Andaman Club Resort, take a bath or take a bath in the Swimmingpool and have a tasty snack. P1? At 6 am, departure from Myeik jetty, exploration of the Andaman Sea by speed boat "Mergui Dolphin", first to Jet Fruit Island.

Along the way you can take photos of birds nesting in the island's homes known as Mali Bird Nest Limestone Island. Upon your return to Jet Fruit Island, you will be able to swim and snorkel in the clear waters. Upon landing on Harris Island, snorkelling allows the visitor to explore the sea and see the snorkelling crownfish, the dormant moraine eels and some corals.

Upon arrival at Turtle Egg Beach on Kadan Island, also known as King Island and the biggest island in the Mergui Islands, you can stop at the nearby anchovy plant. Rinsing off the salt waters with the well' s own rinse and a break, you will be back in Myeik in the afternoons.

Included: lunches, Softdrinks, Speedboat, English language guides, Tour Included: Softdrinks, Fruit and snack, 3 dinners per days with at least 3-4 courses per food, hotel transfer, English language guides, accommodation on bord (in each cabins, 4 singles beds and 1 double bed), 2 kayak boats (sit-on top), snorkel packs (face mask, snorkel and fin), lifevest.

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