Hap an Myanmar

Myanmar Hap

Hpaan, or Yangon? - Berlin Forum At Soe Bros g'h (did not remain there) we organized a full day trip through the land around Hpa-an the next morning. It's a long working week and you can't really use local transportation - it would take weeks if you did. Next we took a coach back to Bago - as inexpensive as possible - beautiful coach, air conditioning straight and nobody is up, concierge in the guesthouse purchased the ticket for us for 6500 k$ each.

Arriving in Bago - a travel leader got on the coach at the edge of town and when we got off at our guesthouse (to which he took us, we had already reserved it), he had organized a 1/2-day trip through Bago and helped us the next morning with our railcards.

And you don't need a leader AND a chauffeur - the LP is pretty good for getting backgrounds on what you see - just reread it! Remarkable parts of the journey are not the Buddha and pagoda, it is the casual foreigner who, when they saw us walk down the street and wondered which way Setse was, took us by the arm she was sitting, her store is in the shadow, gave us beverages - denied pay, found someone else who was speaking a little English,

Waiting for about 45 min and marking coincidental pick-ups before finding one that would bring the two big aliens to Setse, it was the unintentional trip through the small city of Burma that we had when this pick-up went to about 6 different courtyards that dropped off our guests before we got to the motel, every station that we could expand and thus be the main draw.

Myanmar HAP and Sphere Focus: Early Classes

Working with domestic and foreign agents to find the most appropriate ways to increase visibility of the Sphere and HAP and educate agents in their use. Providing this assistance with the goal of enhancing the perceived value and responsibility of the answer. Working closely with others (such as the NGO liaison officer, UN clusters, INGOs, NGOs at grassroots level and all other capacity and accounting initiative such as the Inter-Agency Network for Education in Emergencies (INEE) to set benchmarks for peer review and resource-sharing).

identifying the most appropriate ways to set up longer-term assistance and the means and staff needed to do so. Use these experiences to provide advice on the knowledge gained and to enhance the delivery of similar assistance in the event of an emergency in the longer run.

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