The Håøya Island - Information about the island - Island jumping - Appractions As the name implies, the high isle is quite undulating. Storefjell peak (141 m.a.s.l.

) offers a view of the whole fiord area and the coastline as far as Jomfruland. Entrance to the isle from the Helgeroa-Langangen highway. In Vrangsund there is a gangway bridge and a trail to Paradise Cove, Skolebukta and Vervebukta with beautiful family-friendly sands.

Heligero a to Stokkøya and Håøya - Paddling in Vestfold paddle

The Paradisbukta (Paradise Bay) on the west side of Håøya does justice to its name. Excursion is part of padled Vestfold and the starting point for the adventures is Helgeroa. Coming from Oslo, take the E18 eastwards towards Kristiansand for almost 132 kilometres until the Fv 303 Larvik traffic. Continue in the direction of Fv302 - Helgeroa.

Continue a few hundred metres on Strandebakken until you reach Helgeroa. Canoe from Helgeroa westwards along the shore to the first halfway point to Stokkøya in the NW. Canoe along the north-east shore of the isle. Canoe from the northern end of the isle to the south-western border of the isle, Håøya.

On the southwest coastline of Håøya there are many beautiful landing places for kayaking. Håøya has many walking paths around the islands. Follow the southward direction to Håøytangen, the southerly point of the archipelago and then northwards along the eastshore. Cruise across the continent to the west and head southwards along the coastline.

Discover the picturesque coves, sandy shores and islands and follow the coastline back to Helgeroa. From Stokkøya cross the isle towards Håøytangen and head west to the west sea. Canoe around Håøya and through the small Vrangsund straits before returning to the shore and heading southwards towards Helgeroa. With Helgeroa you will find:

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