Handmade Parasol

Handcrafted parasol

Can I confirm the quality and beauty of these parasols. In the studio, the technologies and know-how that Michel Heurtault has acquired over the years are also passed on and divided with coming generation. In the studio, the technologies and know-how that Michel Heurtault has acquired over the years are also passed on and divided with coming generation. At this magic place, the visitor will see how fabrics and fabrics are trimmed, sewn, trimmed and modified to produce unbelievably sophisticated items. Michel Heurtault's work' sophistication lies in the details of the components: the smooth and strong ribs, the smoothness of the canvas, wool and satin, the sensuousness of the wood.

Parasol parasol sunshades are works of artwork that are unparalleled. Sunshades that exit the studio last 20, 30 years, even a whole life - sunshades last a life time. A parasol or parasol consists of a stock, a mechanic system, fins, a stretcher, a notch and fabrics.

Heurtault rejected the idea of obsolescence: each of these parts is selected according to its service life, everything is designed to remedy weaknesses, everything that could crack has been substituted by robust material, and plastics have been completely outlawed. The restoration of the pristine splendour of a degraded or gradually fading building, taking into account the selection of material, is done using historic methods.

Restoring an Umbrella or Parasol is to give it back its splendor by consolidation of its parts through various operations: lining or reconstruction of embroidery on silk, cotton and linen, reinforcement of the initial tip, rehabilitation or replacement of grips and buttons, stems and cuffs. Parasolery has a very large supply of spares, silk, toe and trim s from all epochs, so that we can return old sunshades and sunshades to their former condition.

Smaller budget restoration work can be carried out with modern material from the best supplier. Heurtault works with specialist craftsmen (gilders, enamelers, scalpers, carvers, turner and sculptors) to make sure that every parasol and parasol is renovated to the highest standard. Parasolerie produces tailor-made plays that combine modern and classical methods for theater, the visual arts and film.

Working closely with art leaders and costumers, Michel Heurtault models sunshades and sunshades that are tailored to the styles and times of their time. Parasoleria is able to deliver historic and modern items and works with specialised craftsmen so that we are able to precisely satisfy your needs.

Michel Heurtault, a master artist who is always looking for excellence, wants to restore the old glamour of an umbrella and parasol. Today he is considered the most important maker of sunshades and sunshades in France's high fashion scene, but his obsession began at the age of eight and he used to love disassembling sunshades to grasp their mechanisms.

Today he studies the items in his historic collections to see the peculiarities of each era and to learnt from the various editing and assembly methods that have been used over time to produce new, increasingly sophisticated forms. Prior to the creation of the Parasolerie in 2008, Michel Heurtault specialised in historic reconstruction and costume dances for the Parisian and world-class.

He designed outfits for the movies and theatres and for the best haute fashion stores in his studio. Today, his expertise and know-how are exclusively geared towards parasolgy. Heurtault is not an umbrellist, but a designer of sunshades and canopies.

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