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Had Ko Phyo Han met Lin Ma Phyu Phyu Thant, he would still be working as a sailor. Who do you like the most? "Which one do you dear the most" is an instructional film by Win Lwin Htet, made by the mahogany-producer. Posted by Moe Ni Lwin, it star ALinn Yaung, Han Lin Thant, Arr Wai, Nant Chit Nadi Zaw, May Myint Mo, Kaung Tun, Thein Lin Soe, Nyein Chan Kyaw, Thit Thit Myint Sei, Kyaw Ko Ko Wai, Kaung Sit Thway, Zwe Pyae and others.

Casting includes - Arr Wai as May Thu Zar, Nant Chit Nadi Zaw as Khin Ni Lar as Executive, May Myint Mo as Kyi Pyar, ALinn Yaung as Modell Zwe and Han Lin Thant as Modell Si Thu. It is now shown in the theaters around Yangon, Mandalay, Nay Pyi Taw, Dawei, Myawaddy, Pha -an, Maw la mayaing, Lashio, Pyin Oo Lwin, Taunggyi, Bamaw, Yay Nan Chaung, Pakkhokhu, Taung Ngu, Bago and Myeik.

Recycling and innovating | The Myanmar Times

Had Ko Phyo Han Lin Ma Phyu not bumped into Phyu Thant, he would still be working as a sailor. He was persuaded by Phyu Phyu Thant that her vision lies in the green industry - her instincts were that Myanmar is faced with major ecological issues and that the rising Myanmar mid-range has become too costly to buy Teakwood.

Ko Phyo Han Lin had a hard time making the move, but his friend had a good time. "Moons ", a store that sells Malaysian-made Myanmar materials. And" Natural Myanmar", a gift store with goods made of recycling materials. Through a combination of an environmentally sound operation and an innovating way of life, the married couples began to use recovered timber from palettes for the production of furnishings.

Then we went on to all kinds of items like puzzle and toy. They made their first hits with a classic rock boardgame. It was designed from the ancient Myanmar plaque once found in every class room in the state. "By the time we went to Mon State (where panels used to be made), we found that most of the old panel stores and plants were out.

It' s a disgrace that these kinds of tradition disappear," says Phyu Phyu. While they were visiting, they were sitting in a café playing tic-tac-toe on a plank. Her small tablets immediately found an avid public and breathed new vitality into some locals who were on the brink of bankruptcy after replacing the conventional tablet with a sheet of canvas.

After the rock board's great hit, the couple brought puzzles and puzzles for kids and grown-ups made of recyclable palette timber onto the market. They are all handmade and the rough materials are sometimes difficult to find. In addition, domestic customers are not used to using recyclable materials. Once they find it's being reused, they start complaining about the prize.

" When it is remanufactured, its rationale is that the products should be less expensive. "We would be delighted and encouraged even a fistful of them (local consumers) to make more products," says Ma Phyu Phyu. She realized two years ago that a significant amount of precious materials were dumped in the trash near her home.

Phyu Phyu says that, like the tablets, there are many trades that have been lost on the way to a contemporary life style. With a little creative thinking, she thinks they can be brought back into style and not substituted by fashionable or importation. "We are not pioneers," Ko Phyo Han Lin added.

"Turning old tradition into new. The store of Ko Phyo Han Lin and Ma Phyu Phyu Thant is situated on the ground floor of Myanmar Culture Valley near People's Park in Sanchaung Municipality.

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