Haluin in English

Halogen in English

add as a further ingredient; mix; stir;. turn haluin.

[rivólv]. haluin. stir. Stir; stir; mix;. The Tagalog: haluin - Edit. labukawin, haluin; paikutin, painugin: v. revolve. Translation of "haluin mabuti" into English. The human translation with examples: good, good, good, good, sweet, define, I am good, I am good, very good, even better.

German Tagalog dictionary

Type a Tagalog or English term. laborukawin, haluin; laborutin, painugin: v. review. Initially released 1915. haluin, algugin, luglugin, kalikavin: v. stir. a.. Original publication 1915. Halo, lahók: n. Beimischung. Initially released in 1915. Iahók, haló: n. aluminum. Original publication in 1915. cathâ, accdâ, ulat; tahok, halò: n. comp. Initially released in 1915. halò: n. Jumble.

Original publication 1915. maska, holò, lahok: n. me. Original publication 1915. Halo, Iahok, Bantô: n. Mélange. Initially released 1915. galav, kilograms; halo, loglog; guló: n. dies. Original publication 1915. It' s multi-coloured user interfaces have added elegance and an almost chilly feel to Mixview', allowing you to see your album and song correlation before other people connect with what you hear.

If you click on one of these elements, it will form the heart of the object, and another group of neighbours will become addicted, so you can search for approximately each other. The Zune Social is also very pleasant to let others with common taste and find appropriate acquaintance with them.

People who are concerned about their private lives will be pleased to know that they can postpone sharing if they decide to do so. hala: Word: hell! The English definition: Original publication 1915.

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