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The best Halal restaurants in Yangon (Rangoon), Yangon region. The best Halal restaurants in Yangon, Myanmar. Sharing your halal dining experience.

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Hi Myanmar D/E, Do you have any information about a Halal restaurant or the Yangon road meal? Do they serve Malaysian cuisine there? Thanks, hi, yeah, some Hala places in Yangon. The thread has been discontinued due to apathy. Hopefully you will join the discussion by publishing an open subject or start a new one.

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Burma Muslim Tour: Myanmar Halal Restaurant

Moslem Halal meal in MyanmarMyanmar. Though Myanmar is not a major Moslem nation, it is a multicultural, multi-religious state. It is relatively simple, especially in large metropolitan areas, to find a Moslem halal restaurant or snack bar that serves not only the Moslem but also the locals and non-Muslims.

In fact, against the opinion of outsiders, Islamic cuisine is very much loved by the locals. The majority of stores selling Halal foods are small to mid-sized dining or eating stands. While there are some Halal Moslem eateries that offer traditional Mandarin cuisine, they are not very well-liked, and few are even found in a big metropolis like Yangon (Rangoon).

Mostly it is stores that offer indigenous dishes, which are very much appreciated by the locals. The small dining areas and stands offer a wide range of delicious dishes including nano, rottie, praata, pratos, puri, dosedai, sheep curries, potatoe curries, veal curries and cabab. This cuisine is very much appreciated by both the indigenous Islamic community and non-Muslim Burmese.

Most of Myanmar's major metropolitan areas have Moslem grocery stores and dining places. Myanmar's Halal Moslem dining and eating stands do not usually display the standard Arab Halal shield, except for the few high-end dining establishments serving international caterers. Usually they simply put "786" on their bill.

It is a traditionally used in South Asia, especially in Pakistan, India, Myanmar and Bangladesh. There are Muslim halal stores everywhere in big capitals like Yangon (Rangoon) and Mandalay. It may be a little hard to find one in smaller communities. But if you find a mosque, you can find some Muslim halal stands and small local eateries there.

The Muslin Halal stores usually send the mail "786? in Myanmar number. There are 786 Halal Restaurant in Myanmar. We are hoping that this information will be useful to all Muslims visiting our state. What in Yangon, Myanmar, who serves halal meals for Muslims, there are a considerable number of Muslims in Yangon who live near the Surtee Mosque on Mogul Road and near the Rakine Jamae Mosque (Arakan Mosque) on the 130th St. in Mingalar Townyunt Township.

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