Halal Food in Yangon Myanmar

Cinnamon Halal Food in Yangon Myanmar

Thought it wouldn't be a big deal because I can survive on bread, seafood, etc. Lalaland....

...: Yangon: Halal Food in Myanmar

There was no free before I left to google Halal food in Yangon. But, astonishingly, it was quite simple to get Halal food in the town. Do you recall I said that there are more than 10 missions in Yangon itself? When you find a place like a medieval church, especially in the centre, you should have no problems finding Halal places near by.

Overnight at my lodge, Ocean Pearl Inn or the Orchid Inn near by, there is a Halal Restuarant on Anawrahta Road, just 100-200m. Since it is very close to my lodgings, I went there a few lunches and dinners. While I was in the city, I tried these places.

We have 2 specialities; one serving warm dishes to order, inclusive dinner while the other section is serving cake, bread and sweets. Restuarant is clear and the food is good. Situated on the Anawrahta Road, this place is always crowded. Anyway, among other halal restaurants I saw (didn't have the time to try them), in the city centre.....

You are all on the same road on Anawrahta Road near Sule Pagoda. To make it easier for you to find them, simply go to the Sule Pagoda and from there towards Anawrahta Road. However.... a tip for you, if you do not see the normal Arab Halal label in the restaurant, search for "786".

Instead, some of the diners are marked "786". I' ve learned that this icon is used as a replacement for Bismillah, and it is a tradition in South Asia, mainly in Pakistan, India, Myanmar and Bangladesh.

Hallal or Islamic food - Yangon (Rangoon) Message Board

Is this food available on the Yangon roads? Anything I can say at this time is yes, you can have your halal meal in Yangon restaurants and highways. The Mandalay Restuarant, located on Daw Thein Tin Road, is one of the restaurants I recall.

It' a small place, but it'?s full all the while. In the past I used to buy "roasted duck" there and they are a Halal-Ristorante. There are a number of Halaltaurants in Yangon, except in the hotel sector, and you don't need to think about it. All I can recall is another place in the "Phoe Sein Road".... "Holiday Restaurant" also called Halal Restauran.

It has a fairly large Islamic community, far from being as large as the Buddha people, but it is still very conspicuous. In Yangon there is plenty of good food, you will have no trouble to find Moslem food, if you want to find the best of what the natives would be eating, then just stop by one of the many mausoleums, they would be more than lucky to point you in the right directions. if you are in the city centre, there are many Moslem booths.

When you walk down the alley at the side of the Maasjid, Halal food is sold all the way. Halal is selling top chickens near the American Vision optician. Mahfoor, I trust you can join me in sharing your experiences with the Maasjids and Halal Cafe.

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