In Arabic, Halal (?al?l ?al?l, "permissible"), also called hallal or halaal, refers to what is permissible or lawful in traditional Islamic law.

The Koran contrasts the word halal with haram (forbidden). This information is intended to help non-Muslims better understand the term "halal" and its meaning for Muslims. - It is often used in translation as legitimate. The halal food is what complies with Islamic law as defined in the Koran.

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Halal (????) plate in a butchery in Paris, France..... A halal (Arabic: ?al?l), also called a halal or halal, relates to what is admissible or legal under such a tradition. This is often used on permitted foods and beverages. Halal is particularly associated with Muslim nutritional legislation.

A number of grocery manufacturers sell halal convenience groceries and produce, such as halal foie grass, egg roll, chick nugget, canola, lasagne, custard pizzas and infant morsels. 5 ]Vegetarian cooking is halal if it does not contain alcoholic beverages. One of the most frequent examples of non-halalal type harams is the production of porcine meats. Whereas the only flesh that Muslims are not allowed to eat is the flesh of pigs (the Koran prohibits it,[6] Surah 16:115[7]), other foodstuffs that are not in a state of purification are also regarded as hard.

Groceries must come from a Halal practitioner. The slaughtering procedure required by Muslim legislation for all meats other than seafood and other seafood is Dhab??ah (?????????). 18 ] The heads of livestock that is butchered using halal techniques are oriented with the viblah. As well as the way, the allowed beasts should be butchered" in the name of God" after the Muslim bismillah-prayers.

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