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hacca laguage facts: The Hakka is a native tongue of the Chinese group. Most of the speeches are well-known Hakka men. Among them, the Hakka folk named their own tongues Hak-ka-fa/-va ?, Hak-fa/-va, ??, Tu-gong-dung-fa/-va ??, Ngai-fa/-va "?? "? (my/our speech). Hakka has a wide range of idioms in Guangdong, Fujian, Jiangxi, Guangxi, Sichuan, Hunan, Guizhou, Hainan and Taiwan.

Among the Hakka languages, the Hakka vernacular Moi-yen/Moi-yan (??, pinyin: MéiXìan) was most often used as a classic example of the Hakka culture. As with all other Chinese, there is a lot of controversy over whether Hakka is a foreign tongue or a vernacular. Hakka originated in several epochs of migrations from North China to South China during wartime and riots.

Hakka ancestors came from the present-day Henan and Shaanxi province and introduced characteristics of vernacular idioms that had been used in these areas during that period. Since then, the language in these areas has developed into a language of Mandarin. There are many ancient characteristics in contemporary Hakka, which include the end consonant -p -t -k found in other contemporary South China dialects, but have been missing in some North Mandarin vernacular.

Because of the speaker migrations, the Hakka may have been affected by other linguistic areas in which the Hakka-speaking ancestors have sailed. Hakka, Min and Mandarin general lexicon, for example.

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