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The term Hak?m (alternative transkription Hakeem) refers to a "wise man" or "doctor", or in general a practician of herbology, especially Unani and Muslim medicines, such as Hakim Ajmal Khan, Hakim Said, Hakim Syed Zillur Rahman, etc.). It was also widely used during the Muslim Golden Age to relate to polymathic academics who were versed in Islam, science, medicine as well as Islam.

Hakim or Hakeem refers to an herbalist in Pakistan and India, especially Unani medicines. The name H?kim (alternative transkription Hakem) refers to a sovereign, gov. or mag. The first monarchical styles in three prospective Persian Gulf UAE countries were Hakim: In Kuwait, the reigning Al-Sabah dictatorship had been the Hakim al-Kuwayt "ruler of Kuwait" since its foundation in 1752 (from 1871 also referred to as Kuwait, i.e. Qaymakam.

Chief Administrative Officer, recognising the supremacy of the Ottoman Empire (as kazan[district] of Baghdad[from 1875 Basra] viceayet (seats of sovereigns, stylish Wali, in Iraq], until 3 November 1914, then under the protection of the British) until independency on 19 June 1961, then (still) Amir ad-Dawlat al-Kuwayt "Emir of Kuwait State";

as on Muhammad ibn Thani's contract with the British of 12 September 1868 Qatar (formerly regarded as dependent on Bahrain) as an autonomous state (limited to Doha and Wakrah, only later extended to the whole peninsula), the stylistic of his al-Thani Qatar Hakim Qatar was " Ruler of Qatar " (from 1871 also Kaymakam, i.

e. Osmanian Chief Administrative Officer, cf. above, until 3 November 1916, then under the protection of the United Kingdom ), since 3 September 1971 Amir Dawlat Qatar "Emir of the State of Qatar" has been independent of Great Britain. Hakim was the "ruler" of the former Fezzanate of Libya during the UN period from 1946 to 12 February 1950 (in the French office, with his own army governor); the only holder of office was Ahmad Sayf an-Nasr (b. c. 1876 - d.).

1954 ), remained in the UK as Wali (Governor; in the Chef du Territoire "Head of the Territoire") until 24 December 1951, with a resident Frenchman at his side, and then, without such shadows, as the first King's Gouverneur (until 1954). Until 1902 (changed to Sultan) the sovereigns of the Quaiti state of Shir and Mukalla, ash-Shihr Wa´l Mukalla, as before the November 10, 1881 fusion with the Naqib of the state of Mukalla, it is the prince' stile of ash-Shihr since the Ottoman Empire's liberation in 1866.

hakim designates a court in Indonesia, Malaysia and Turkey. A Bada Hakim was responsible for a county of the empire in Nepal. Bukhara emirate, Mr. Khakem was mayor. Sokoto Caliphate is ruled ceremoniously in Nigeria by Sakimai, chieftains responsible to the Sultan of Sokoto and the Emirates of the Empire.

Uzbekistan uses the word hekim to describe a regional gubernator or burden.

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