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Here you can find information about Hakha: www.go-myanmar.com/hakha. Newest tweets from The Hakha Post (@hakhapost): Hakha pictures and photos for download. City center of Hakha, the capital of Chin State.


January 14, 2016 -- A compilation of pictures of Chin State in November. The temperature in winters can drop below zero. January 11, 2016: On January 5 and 6, several hundred people who were driven out by severe mudslides in Hakha last year demonstrated peacefully in the city. September 01, 2015 -- Mud avalanches hit the Tuikhingzang town of Hakhalay in Tonzang township, Chin State, at 3 a.m. on August 28, and forced all inhabitants to leave their places.

China's metropolis and metropolis include industry areas

Industry parks are being established in two large Chinese towns - Hakha and Paletwa state - and according to a State Def. Industry parks are being established in two large Chinese towns - Hakha and Paletwa state - and according to a State Def.

"Not only can we implement these plans with the funds of the government," said U Salai Isaac Khen. Large scale investments that go beyond the federal budgets are being proposed to the development community as part of a public-private relationship (PPP), he said. PPPs between a state and a privately owned enterprise can be used to fund, build and run infrastructure schemes such as overnight market and highways.

The Yangon Bus Public Company (YBPC), for example, is a Public Partnership Program (PPP), which was initiated by the German federal budget of K10 billion and K2.5 million by five privately owned enterprises. The Yangon Region Yangon authorities had also initially intended to run the whole Yangon Bus System (YBS) with Yangon's own power plant, but were not yet in a position to do so.

The jobless are rising in Chin State. Priority has been given by the regional authorities to reducing jobless rates and the response must be to boost the privatisation of the economy in order to generate job creation at work. This is the aim of the regional administration, said U Salai Isaac Khen. As soon as the investment flows and the development teams begin working on the country's industry parks, he added, there will be job creation for the towns.

In addition to developed areas, investment in the country's power generation, processing and other industries related to factory products has been encouraged. Myanmar Times has not yet received information on any plan to carry out EIAs and solve potential relocation problems in these land.

On July 4, Sean Bain, International Commission of Jurists (ICJ) counsel, said to the Myanmar Times that developed areas are usually associated with the purchase of property and a large scale infrastucture. "As part of the general remarks to industry areas on the issue of environment and people' s right to privacy, he said, "Industrial areas are usually about acquiring property and importantinfrastructures.

"This is also true for regeneration schemes, especially when it comes to the eviction of inhabitants, irrespective of their ownership of property. "Myanmar's failure to comply with the environment can lead to breaches of people' s dignity - both for Myanmar's citizens and investors," he said.

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