Hakha Myanmar

Myanmar Hakha

Like most of the Chin state, the majority of the population in Hakha is Christian (more information on religion in Myanmar can be found here). Don't stay in Hakha - My Oh Myanmar any longer! We' re arriving in Hakha on a Friday night. It' the Chin State capitol, somewhere over 6000ft, about three hour from the highway, maybe fivex as big, and at first glance (it seems to be a bunch of drunken men on the streets, even for a Saturday) not as beautiful as the beautiful River Falk, where we had such a great day - commend the Lord!

This means to stay until Monday, because there are no busses on the Sabbath in the state of Chin. It' gonna give the place some space to thrive on me. Sadly, the immigration official (who reminded me of someone Jim liked to speak about) does not agree if I stay in Hakha on Saturday afternoons.

He is not well that I remained last evening in Hakha and he makes it very difficult for the owners of my guesthouse. He has a dilemma. My 28-day visas expired 35 nights ago. I' m staying too long - like I did before. There' s so much to see in Myanmar, much more to see now that 28 whole working hours is far from enough, and to pay $3 a dollar a full working days for the now formally approved remnant privileges is much less expensive than jumping back and forth to Bangkok for a new one.

However, the formal penalty doesn't seem to be as high as Hakha and I spent a small part of the afternoons at the immigration department. Well, not that long, because my new not-friend will throw me out of his offiice if I'm against his movement of the goalpost. "There are no tourist restrictions in Chin State.

"Do not overdraw in the Chin state. "There was no issue at the immigration department in Falam, also in the state of Chin. "In Hakha, you can no longer be. Insisting that the guest house manager tell me that he could not allow me to spend another day, let alone the two before there is a schoolbus.

It' a little too chilly to camp here at nights (not an optional extra as I had to leave my Mandalay camp for this occasion anyway). It'?s Chin State. There' s May I Help You? outside every Myanmar policestation. I tell my little problems in the policestation to the person doing community service, who is listening nicely and then calling the immigration inspector.

I have to go back to Falam on my motorbike. He' already woke up an older mate who was asleep in the next room. He rubs his eyeballs and makes a few telephone conversations and I'm asked to hold on for a while.

There' s a uniform-armed soldier among them who wants to know where I've been in Myanmar. This is to the south of Mitkyina, where two small streams converge at the'confluence' to create the spring of the Ayerwaddy Myanmar's magnificent stream, which flows along the entire length of the land, irrigating the farmland and nourishing the population.

Being there impresses me again and again (even though I didn't know then - 2002 - that I should keep a stone as proof). They' re not Hiccups from Hakha. Call the immigrant again and come back to Falam with the same motorcycling history.

And the second one asks me again about my history. I' m explaining that I've stayed overnight before, my friend recently stayed overnight, it wasn't a big deal (except in Shwegu for Rebecca), but it's a big deal in Hakha. If there was a coach today or in the future, I would like to take it to solve this issue, but since there is no one, I cannot.

It'?s beers now. An Hakha Woof guide can come.

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