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Need professional Hakha Chin translation and interpreting services in South Asia or at home? Hahha (, ; formerly Haka) is the capital of Chin State in Burma. hi we are a translation agency from India, we need a person who can understand Hahka Chin what a language in Burma (Myanmar) seems to be. the text is in Hakha Chin, alternative names are: Write your CV in English translation.

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This is Hakha Chin-English. Welcome to the Hakha Chin-English Glossary. Enter the words or phrases you wish to tick in the text field on the right. Not only do we offer the Hakha Chin-English glossary, but also free on-line language guides for all available language combinations. It is known as a translation memorandum and is very useful for the translator.

You can see not only the translation of the words, but also how they are phrased. Most of our translation memory comes from human-made bodies in the same plane. Translation is a very useful supplement to lexicons. Please help us create the biggest Hakha Chin-English glossary available now. Just login and enter a new translation.

This makes our Hakha Chin English lexicon a reality because it is written by mother -tongue translators who use the English word for every single week. And you can be sure that any errors in the glossary will be quickly corrected so that you can count on our work. There will be tens of millions of people who will be thankful.

The addition of a new translation creates a dozen new ones!

CHRISTIAN: What is Chin language?

Briefly, Chin is the voice of Myanmar (Burma). It' not Christian. They never call themselves Chin. China is a given term of the colonizers of Burma and Britain. Chin are called Zomi, Laimi, Kuki or Mizo.

This Ethnological Handbook contains 31 different variants of the Chin languages, which are also used in India and Bangladesh. Who' re the Chinese? Inhabitants of the northern state of Myanmar, known as Chin State, are known as the Chinfolk. As a result of development and harassment, tens of thousand Chinese have migrated to the United States, Australia, Canada, and so on.

They have little influence on their own state, whether through religious or linguistic means. The Khuado Pawi is the post-harvest party of Tedim Chin, which is held every year. The Zomi Nam Ni (Chin Nationalay in Burma ), which is widely acclaimed by the Chinese, is another important one.

As the number of Chinese settlers in English-speaking nations continues to grow, there is an enormous need for high-calibre Chinese translation services. Our low translation prices and native-speaking freelance staff enable us to provide high-quality translation services that are easily understood by the Chinese themselves.

We are experienced in the translation of Chin language, be it Tedim Chin, Haka Chin or Falam, including film translation, language translation of documentary texts, translation of legal records, legal records, transcriptions and translation and other such. We' re committed to helping you and your agent to better serve the Chinese population.

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