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Compiled from the Hakha/English dictionaries by Johs. Begin studying Hakha Chin phrases. This is a collection of useful phrases in Hakka Chinese with recordings of most of them.

Studying his index cards.

Arianna Grande's new record Pai's Grand to Manchester Victim's Ariana Grande's new record "Sweetener" has already won a lot of acclaim. Now that the crowd is hearing about their moving homage to the Manchester Attack victim, they are even more impressed by the work. At the Manchester Arena in England, where Grande performed, 23 were killed and 139 wounded on May 22, 2017.

This 25-year-old vocalist has already done everything in her power to help the survivors and their relatives, among them a visit to the hospitals and a charity show. She goes one notch further on her new record "Sweetener" by pay homage to the last one. "The" Get Well Soon" has 40 seconds of stillness at the end of the length of the tracks at 5:22 and reminds of the date of the onslaught.

Enthusiasts in all major public places were moved by Grande's wonderful work.

Usefull Hakka Sets

This is a compilation of useful phrases in Hakka. To listen to one of the (non-English) phrases that are the link (blue). Please do not hesitate to get in touch with me if you can supply us with photographs, proofreadings or further translation. Click on the German version to see these phrases in many other tongues. Use the Phrase Finder if you want to see these phrases in any desired language combinations.

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It is not Myanmar; it is Chin, but Chin is not on the register. There are a number of papers that need to be interpreted from English into Chinese (Hakha) for primary schoolchildren in the US who deal with everyday healthcare matters. Translators can be based in any countries.

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